News 14 Apr 2014

Desalle wins for Suzuki, Waters 10th in Italian MXGP

Herlings returns to the top in MX2 as Styke scores career-best result.

Source: Suzuki Racing.

Source: Suzuki Racing.

Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Clement Desalle won the MXGP class with 2-1 results in Sunday’s Trentino round of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

The Belgian riders worked hard for his victory and misfortune for Gautier Paulin (Kawasaki), plus poor starts from Antonio Cairoli (KTM), made his job a little easier.

In the opening MXGP moto it was Paulin who won from Desalle, while Cairoli had a terrible start and worked his way up to sixth place. Moto two saw Cairoli fourth after two crashes and Paulin had disaster strike with a DNF while leading.

Jeremy Van Horebeek was second overall with a consistent 3-2 scorecard, ahead of Kevin Strijbos with 5-3 to complete the overall podium.

Australia’s Todd Waters rode his Husqvarna to 10th overall, 14th in moto one and then improving to seventh in the second. He now stands seventh in the series, led by Cairoli.

Kawasaki’s Steven Frossard, who scored the qualifying heat win on Saturday, was ruled out of Sunday with a concussion sustained during an incident in moto one.

In MX2 Jeffrey Herlings is back, and while he did go 1-2 being beaten by fellow Dutchman Glenn Coldenhoff in the second moto he was still able to win the grand prix and close the gap to series leader Arnaud Tonus.

Second overall was Tonus with 2-3 results and Coldenhoff was third with 8-1 scores.

Australian champion Luke Styke (Yamaha) was a promising 12th overall in another progressive performance, 13th in moto one and 16th in the second.

It was an up and down weekend of racing for Kawasaki’s Meghan Rutledge in Italy, with a moto win and a race disqualification.

In the first moto on Saturday, she grabbed the holeshot and never looked back, leading the entire race to take the win. Assistance from a marshal after a crash while leading moto two saw her stripped of points scored in the moto.

Rutledge ended up finishing the round in ninth place, slipping to third place overall in the championship standings but just five points shy of the new leader.

2014 MXGP World Championship
Round four – Trentino, Italy

MX1 overall results:
1. Clement Desalle 47
2. Jeremy Van Horebeek 42
3. Kevin Strijbos 36
4. Max Nagl 34
5. Antonio Cairoli 33
6. Gautier Paulin 25
7. Shaun Simpson 24
8. Xavier Boog 22
9. Davide Guarneri 22
10. Todd Waters (AUS) 21

MX1 championship standings:
1. Antonio Cairoli 175
2. Clement Desalle 158
3. Jeremy Van Horebeek 154
4. Max Nagl 144
5. Gautier Paulin 137
6. Kevin Strijbos 109
7. Todd Waters (AUS) 89
8. Evgeny Bobryshev 81
9. Joel Roelants 76
10. Shaun Simpson 72

MX2 overall results:
1. Jeffrey Herlings 47
2. Arnaud Tonus 42
3. Glenn Coldenhoff 38
4. Valentin Guillod 36
5. Romain Febvre 30
6. Jordi Tixier 30
7. Tim Gajser 30
8. Jeremy Seewer 28
9. Jose Butron 26
10. Alexandr Tonkov 20
12. Luke Styke (AUS) 13

MX2 championship standings:
1. Arnaud Tonus 154
2. Glenn Coldenhoff 148
3. Jeffrey Herlings 144
4. Romain Febvre 126
5. Dylan Ferrandis 118
6. Jordi Tixier 107
7. Alexandr Tonkov 107
8. Jose Butron 100
9. Valentin Guillod 95
10. Tim Gajser 93
20. Luke Styke (AUS) 27

WMX overall results (round two):
1. Chiara Fontanesi 45
2. Stephanie Laier 38
3. Natalie Kane 38
4. Livia Lancelot 38
5. Francesca Nocera 32
6. Larissa Papenmeier 29
7. Nancy Van De Ven 26
8. Marianne Veenstra 25
9. Meghan Rutledge (AUS) 25
10. Anne Borchers 23

WMX championship standings (after two rounds):
1. Natalie Kane 80
2. Chiara Fontanesi 78
3. Meghan Rutledge 75
4. Livia Lancelot 74
5. Stephanie Laier 72
6. Nancy Van De Ven 60
7. Francesca Nocera 60
8. Larrisa Papenmeier 58
9. Marianne Veenstra 47
10. Justine Charroux 42

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