News 18 Mar 2014

Pirelli announced as official tyre of MX Nationals

Continued support of Australian motocross confirmed by Link International.

Image: Simon Makker.

Image: Simon Makker.

Williams Event Management and the Monster Energy MX Nationals are thrilled to welcome back Pirelli Tyres as the official tyre of the 2014 MX Nationals series.

Pirelli, being one of the most globally recognised manufacturers of tyres, has yet again agreed to jump on board and support the 10-round long Australian Motocross Championship.

Pirelli national manager Don Nicholas has expressed his gratitude at being in partnership with the MX Nationals, which he describes as being one of the leaders in motorcycling events in the country.

“Link International as a company, has been involved with the MX Nationals for more than 10 years with Motul, so when we took over distribution of Pirelli, it was a good fit to create a partnership with the MX Nationals, the premier motocross competition in Australia,” he said.

“We have worked long-term with partners like Kevin Williams from WEM, and we feel that the MX Nationals is a good match branding and image wise for Pirelli.

“With the MX Nationals leading the Australian motocross industry, and the profile the championship itself now has, the partnership is definitely going to increase our market visibility with Pirelli being named official tyre for 2014.”

Kevin Williams from WEM has praised Pirelli Australia for the company’s continued support of the MX Nationals in 2014.

“Pirelli is a fantastic tyre, and a great company. They have been huge supporters of motocross and motorsport for that matter, all around the world,” he said. “The results by riders on Pirelli speaks volumes about the product.

“Pirelli has been the naming sponsor for the Under 19s class for the past three years, and the continuation of this shows their support to the development of motocross in this country.”

Nicholas, has also shared that Pirelli Tyres has an attitude of ‘availability for all’.

“Pirelli has a strong history of racing, including motocross, enduro and road racing – racing is part of Pirellis DNA. Any rider can buy the tyre that Matt Moss won the championship on last year, it’s not a special tyre that no body else can have,” he said.

“We often develop our products at the race track and work to the saying ‘we race what we sell, we sell what we race’.”

Nicholas added that for Pirelli, the focus this year is on helping riders, by providing contingency programs, and supporting the industry to ensure the sports future.

“Pirelli will be offering a contingency program to the MXD class in 2014,” he said. “The program is aimed at helping young privateers keep their bikes in race condition, and relieve some of the expenses associated with going racing.

“Investing back into the sport is very important to Pirelli and Link International, and we want to ensure the health of the sport. We need to be able to sustain what we are doing through tough times, and keep going racing which is great fun, but supporting a sport that is a positive environment for young people to become involved in – that’s what is really important to us.”

For more information on Pirelli products or the MXD contingency program for 2014 head to or contact Don Nicholas at [email protected] or on (07) 3382 5000.