Products 21 Feb 2014

Reviewed: 2014 One Industries Gamma Racewear

Adam Spence puts One Industries' premium race apparel to the test.

Technical information:
The One Industries Gamma jersey features an engineered chassis built using moisture-wicking materials. Enhanced cooling has also been achieved by strategically placing mesh panels throughout the jersey.

The Gamma’s tailored athletic cut improves function and saves weight while increased coverage is offered using the custom collar design. Cuffless sleeves eliminate sleeve bunching and forearm discomfort while the long tail remains tucked in at all times.

Featuring a tailored fitting chassis, the One Industries Gamma pant is designed around an aggressive race position. Advanced materials optimize protection, durability, ventilation and mobility.

Engineered stretch panels around the knee accommodate a wide range of knee protection while the leather knee construction offers unrivaled heat dissipation, bike grip and abrasion resistance.

Weight of the Gamma pant has been reduced with the limited application of non-essential embellishments. A durable and secure waist closure system keeps the polyester, nylon and leather constructed pant in place at all times.

The Zero glove offers a comfortable, no-bulk feel with a slip-on cuff construction paired with a single-layered synthetic leather palm for optimized feel and comfort. Lightweight stretch twill and mesh gussets increase flexibility and breathability while silicone printed fingers provide enhanced grip control.

At first glance the One Industries Gamma Racewear is definitely an impressive set of gear. The white/cyan colourway is fresh, vibrant and super clean. One Industries continued their usual style of clean lines and blocked colours with the Gamma line to create yet another great looking outfit.

The quality, fit and finish of the Gamma Racewear is of the highest quality. The designers focused on keeping the gear lightweight and comfortable for 2014, and this definitely becomes obvious when throwing the gear on for the first time – it’s super comfortable.

As I mentioned, the Gamma jersey fits well and feels very light. The moisture-wicking materials paired with mesh panels throughout the jersey create the perfect combination for throwing down motos during a harsh Australian summer – this stuff really does breath.

The Gamma pant almost replicates the features of it’s matching jersey. With many of the unnecessary TPR logos and embellishments removed from the pant, One Industries have created a very light and flexible product. I’m super-picky when it comes to my pants and the Gamma ticks all of the boxes for me.

Not once have I found myself wishing I had more flexibility in pant and I certainly feel more than comfortable putting in my laps and trekking my way around the track to capture footage during the day.

I’m also a huge fan of the half-length mesh lining offered by One Industries – ever had your liner stuck on your knee brace and torn it to shreds on your first ride? No need to worry about that with the Gamma pant!

Finally, the Zero glove, what a wonderful product it is. The name basically says it all, this glove is a completely minimalistic design and it’s exactly what I look for in a glove. The single layer leather palm offers great feel and never bunches up. No knuckle padding, no unnecessary Velcro cuff – just pure and simple design, these gloves are in my opinion, the best out there.

I actually struggle to find negative things to say about the Gamma Racewear and Zero glove combination. I guess my only issues would be the fact that the open-cuff design on the jersey is actually too loose for my skinny stick figure wrists, and the white/cyan colourway tends to get dirty very fast but that’s personal preference.

Other than those two minor gripes, the 2014 One Industries Gamma Racewear and Zero glove are a killer product that the consumer will be more than happy with.

If you’re in the market for a fresh 2014 outfit (which you should be, because as we all know, you ride faster when you look awesome), the One Industries Gamma Racewear combined with the Zero glove is a highly recommended option.

Pricing comes in at $59.95 for the jersey, $199.95 for the pant and $39.95 for the gloves, head to for more information and stockist listings.