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MX Hub: 7

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At this point in the off-season we’re seeing many of the lower profile teams finalising their structures, which is always the way once the established teams begin to fill.

A couple of major announcements we’re currently waiting for includes Craig Anderson’s Berry Sweet-backed Husqvarna team and the professional Victorian privateer outfit, DPH Motorsport.

By now we know that Brock Winston will ride for Husky in MX1 this season and he could surprise here and there, but then again, following his form in MX2 last year, top fives and possible podiums shouldn’t really be too out of the question.

Alongside Winston will be Nick Sutherland, who’s absolutely loving the TC 250 two-stroke and he could be a real threat in the MX2 class after some solid showings on a TM late last year – first at the Coolum round in the 2-Stroke Cup and then in supercross. The team will also field Egan Mastin in MXD.

As for DPH, that team will be Yamaha-mounted in MX1 this year with Sam Martin returning and to be joined by Kade Mosig. In a formidable youthful combination, the pair will be interesting to watch as the season unfolds.

Source; Tattoo Racing Australia.

Source; Tattoo Racing Australia.

Speaking of TM earlier they announced they will have Full Force Racing’s Joel Evans aboard a MX 250 two-stroke in MX2, while also looking to field a 300cc two-stroke in MX1 with a yet to be confirmed rider. That could be interesting to watch.

Joel Milesevic will be part of the EMU Racing team with TM support, plus Daniel McCoy will be TM Racing Australia’s official MX2 rider and potentially another legitimate title threat if he quickly gels with the bike outdoors.

Tattoo Racing Australia is another team that’s been steadily making plans behind the scenes, seeing Jacob Wright switch to Suzuki and again in MX1 along with Dylan Wilson and James Jafer.

That’s it from me for this week and keep a close eye over the next few weeks, we have a number of features in the works to build up to the 30 March season opener at Broadford. Here’s Makker…

It looks like one of the final pieces of the team shuffle puzzle is starting to fall into place, after DPH rider Sam Martin posted a photo on social media this afternoon, showing his number 11 plate on the front of a 2014 YZ450. And in the background was the unmistakable number 48 of his Victorian buddy Kade Mosig.

So what does this all mean, you ask? From what we can gather, the DPH Motorsports team is shifting from its traditional Suzuki partnership to a beefy relationship with Yamaha.

While the ins and outs of this haven’t been confirmed or officially released, we’ve heard a couple of whispers that DPH might in fact have some sort of relationship or arrangement with Australia’s most successful race team, CDR Yamaha.

Until we actually hear confirmation from either Yamaha Australia, DPH or both, nothing is set in stone. But if the rumours have substance to them, DPH Motorsports, could effectively become a satellite team. With two exceptionally talented riders behind their grips, DPH could suddenly become a viable MX1 contender for podiums and race wins. Hopefully we hear some official news soon so we can stop holding our breath!

So if M&M (Mosig and Martin) are squared away, that just leaves Lawson Bopping, Cody Mackie and Kayne Lamont without a contract or ride for 2014. Each of these three has what it takes to be a top five contender in both the MX2 and MX1 class but now the number of seats available has all but dried up. Will Suzuki open up another seat alongside Matt Moss?

For mine, all riders without seats are now basically on the reserves bench for now, and realistically will only get offered a ride if one of the factory lads picks up an injury during pre-season testing, or during the upcoming MX Nationals.

That’s not a rare occurrence by any stretch, but no-one wants to hope that their mates hurt themselves so they get offered a replacement ride.

Well that’s all from me this week. Next week I’ll be in New Zealand helping the Frew brothers organise the Farm Jam, so I’ll be able to bring you a tonne of inside information from what goes down at that incredible event.

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