News 6 Dec 2013

Red Bull to conduct Straight Rhythm contest in 2014

Straight-line supercross coming to Red Bull Signature Series.

Source: Red Bull Content Pool.

Source: Red Bull Content Pool.

Red Bull has announced that its unique Straight Rhythm concept will be including in the Red Bull Signature Series in 2014.

The energy drink giant released its Red Bull Straight Rhythm film in early November, featuring a half-mile long supercross rhythm section.

Red Bull used a number of its top athletes including James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Malcolm Stewart and more in a series of head-to-head exhibition races.

“When I first rode it, I couldn’t believe the whoop section as as big as it was and some of these jumps,” said Stewart. “Honestly, I thought it’d be easier, but it’s pretty difficult.

“You can’t rush it – that’s the biggest thing. Once I got all the jumps down, it was all about having fun.”

Dungey believes the Straight Rhythm contest will be entertaining for fans to watch when it’s debuted next year.

“I think for the fans it’s going to be pretty intense and fun,” Dungey said. “There will be good, clean, close racing that’s easy to understand with two guys out there – it’s either win or lose.”

The Red Bull Signature Series is a host of extreme and action sports events branded throughout the series in association with Red Bull. Straight Rhythm dates are yet to be announced.