News 2 Dec 2013

Motocross Grand Prix Commission updates track marking policies

Guidelines to determine track marking procedure in place for 2014.

The FIM has updated track marking policies for next season.

The FIM has updated track marking policies for next season.

The MXGP World Championship will feature a host of track marking policies in 2014, developed to improve consistency at grand prix events.

The FIM’s Motocross Grand Prix Commission has confirmed that contiguous tracks should have a minimum of 10 metres between them next year, and must be separated and protected by either wood fence, plastic fence, straw bales and/or advertising material.

Special attention will be focused on contiguous areas so that no unfair advantage can be gained by any rider cutting them out.

Courses will be defined by markers, which could consist of manufactured plastic, straw bales, earth banking or flexible advertising material. Riders must stay inside the original marked course at all times.

A neutral zone will be the area between the side of the track marked by course markers and the track marking (neutral zone outer limit). The neutral zone may vary in width but, where possible, should be approximately one metre wide.

Wherever possible, this zone should be an earth banking, continuous or intermittent and approximately 50cm high.

The exterior of the track may be marked by course markers, straw bales, foam rubber blocks, earth banking, advertisement banners and/or flexible fencing.

Additional focus will be placed upon spectator control barriers, which may be of varied construction. The FIM’s preferred option is chain-link fence and should be of sufficient strength to control spectators and not restrict their vision.

These barriers should, where possible, be approximately two metres high and a minimum of approximately five metres from the track marking (neutral zone outer limit), creating a free area for official personnel. These barriers will also be used to create spectator zones.

It’s also been clarified that the starting straight may only be used for the start and must not be crossed or used as part of the course except at the end of the lap.

Riders must use only the marked track, however if they accidentally leave the track, they may continue at a greatly reduced speed until they can re-enter the track safely. They must re-enter, without gaining an advantage, at the closest point to where they left the track.

Meanwhile, the FIM has also announced that at the Motocross of Nations where there are more than 36 countries present, a C-Final will be added. The team winning the C-Final will move up to the B-Final. The maximum number of teams participating in the C-Final is 13.