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MX Hub: 45

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After eerily quiet weeks of late, news is starting to roll out for the final events of the 2013 racing season, as well as 2014 on various levels.

The biggest news all week, well last weekend, was that Chad Reed has signed Discount Tires as TwoTwo Motorsports’ title sponsor for the next three years. He’s confirmed that he won’t have a teammate next year despite much speculation he would, but at least the future is firm for TwoTwo.

More major news to break was that Ford Dale has signed for Motorex KTM alongside Kirk Gibbs, which essentially leaves supercross guest Dan McCoy without a seat once again for next season at least for the outdoors. He usually lands somewhere by the time SX comes around.

Jake Moss is the rider I continue to hear in much of the silly season talk, linked to both Monster Energy Kawasaki and CDR Yamaha according to the rumour mill. Jay Marmont also continues to be linked to a Yamaha return, but Dack is waiting on a supercross schedule before locking anything in.

Depending on what Moss does, it makes sense for Kawasaki to keep Adam Monea, but no word is out on that yet. I have a feeling that whatever happens, we’ll see a youthful combination for team green – maybe Kade Mosig could shine on a 450 once fit? We’ll see!

Lawson Bopping hasn’t been confirmed to be departing CDR Yamaha yet, but after a horror run dampened by illness in 2013 it’s highly unlikely he’ll remain in blue.

Lawson Bopping will be on track this weekend, but most likely pitted out of the GYTR Yamaha truck. Image: Grant Reynolds/FiftySix Clix.

Lawson Bopping will be on track this weekend, but most likely pitted out of the GYTR Yamaha truck. Image: Grant Reynolds/FiftySix Clix.

In fact, the CDR isn’t attending the supercross final this weekend, instead shipping a bike for Bopping to conclude the series as he enters it under the cloud of a knee injury. Where’s Bopping going? Well, Chris Woods will depart his team manager duties at Honda and these two are known to have a close relationship so perhaps they will pair up again.

At Honda we saw a few weeks ago that Cody Cooper will ride for a Ben Townley-run Honda team in New Zealand, which would seemingly transfer to Honda Australia for the MX Nationals. Alongside him it’s been Hayden Mellross whose said to have a deal.

Motul Pirelli Suzuki will likely put its eggs into Matt Moss’ basket for next year, although some suggestion says that the team will also field a development rider of sorts alongside him due to budget restrictions. Sam Martin or Brock Winston, anybody?

As for the 250s, apart from Kale Makeham at Tunetech KTM, Luke Clout at Serco Yamaha and Josh Cachia at Honda, it’s anybody’s guess. One thing we do know is that with bot Yamaha and Honda releasing all-new models, championships will be critical against the looming 250 two-stroke of Makeham and perhaps Brenden Harrison as well if he extends his association with KTM.

Of course, much of this is just stirring the pot of speculation that’s been doing the rounds, but usually it’s pretty accurate when we piece our sources together. Time will certainly tell!

Aside from all that, behind the scenes we’ve been working on a number of projects which will ensure MotoOnline.com.au will carry great momentum into next year and we’re already pumped for a big one as budgets are set, ducks aligned and plans are in place.

Here’s Makker from the latest from his camp in Queensland.

Can you hear that, folks? That’s the last death-rattle of the 2013 competition season.

We’ve seen all sorts of drama go down this year, but this weekend’s final round of the Terex Australian Supercross Championships at Toowoomba is shaping up to be a ripper in all classes as all riders try and put an exclamation mark on their season and prove they’re worth signing up for 2014.

With Dan McCoy and Brenden Harrison wrapping up the two-round Queensland Supercross Championship over the weekend, and a handful of other pros using the series to keep their race-face dialled before Saturday, you can expect them to be a bit more in-the-zone than the rest of the field who haven’t seen a gate drop in four weeks.

As you might’ve read yesterday, Sunshine Coast’s former Carlton Dry Honda team rider Ford Dale is switching from red to orange next year.

Jake Moss should be high on shopping lists for 2014. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

Jake Moss should be high on shopping lists for 2014. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

Dale, who has been out of action recovering from a(nother) knee reconstruction he suffered at the Broadford round of the MX Nationals, will line up next to his old Serco Yamaha sparring partner Kirk Gibbs in the Motorex KTM pits.

Dale actually came close to signing with KTM for 2013, but decided to stay loyal to the team that helped him win the 2012 MX2 championship and stuck with Honda. Since shortly after Coolum this year, Dale’s move to KTM been one of the worst-kept secrets in the pits, followed closely by Billy Mackenzie’s return with CDR Yamaha.

The silly season is seeing all sorts of deals being worked out, not just for the racers, but for team logistics as well. Over the past week I’ve heard several whisperings that the Raceline Suzuki team might possibly move their base back to New South Wales and the Kawasaki factory team HQ is moving from its long-time home at Toowoomba to the Gold Coast.

As soon as we can get either of these confirmed, we’ll let you know!

That’s all from me this week. Make sure you tune back next Wednesday for more rumours and rumblings from around the traps.

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