Products 25 Oct 2013

Reviewed: Motul oil and care products

Motul oil and cleaning care products have been used by throughout 2013.

There’s no doubt that the Motul brand is well-established within the motocross world. With 150 years of business behind them, the company continues to provide high-quality and innovative products.

Earlier in the year Link International provided us here at with a plethora of Motul oils and care products to put to the test, read on and hear exactly what we thought.'s Project Moto Suzuki RM-Z250 was run and maintained with Motul products in 2013.’s Project Moto Suzuki RM-Z250 was run and maintained with Motul products in 2013.

Technical information:
Motul Moto Wash is a powerful cleaner for the whole motorcycle. The Moto Wash product is suitable for all plastic, synthetic fabrics, paintwork, varnish and metal. The Moto Wash is also an environmentally friendly biodegradable product.

Motul Chain Clean uses no chlorine and features an extremely powerful degreasing agent which removes crusted residues that increase wear. Motul Chain Clean is compatible with all types of chains including standard, O’ring, X’ring and Z’ring units.

Motul Chain Lube is a creamy and non-sticky lubricant for all off-road chain types. The Chain Lube disperses deposits of sand, mud and dirt while protecting the chain from the elements at all times. Motul Chain Lube comes in a fluorescent yellow color for ease of application.

Motul Air Filter Oil is a blue-coloured lubricant specially developed for the maintenance of foam air filters in off-road motorcycles. The oil improves air filter efficiency for better carburation and effectively retains dust, mud and sand for greater engine durability. Motul’s Air Filter Oil also prevents water from entering the filter in wet conditions.

Motul’s 7100 10W40 4T oil is a 100 percent synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. This product is a standard viscosity grade recommended by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide and includes anti-wear additives with shear resistance for perfect gear protection and lifetime.

Motul’s Inugel Expert is a ready-to-use pre-mixed coolant equipped to protect cooling systems and their metallic parts from freezing and corrosion. Inugel Expert is suitable for all cooling systems.
A silicone based spray to polish the whole motorcycle, Motul’s Shine and Go leaves plastics, rims, mudguards, paintwork and carbon parts with a protective sheen once dry.


Motul provides an impressive line of products which have been designed to keep your ride in top condition. With an extensive race of oils, lubricants and care products, you’d be hard-pressed to find an item that Motul does not yet have in their arsenal.

In order to keep our Project Moto Suzuki RM-Z250 in showroom condition, Link International were kind enough to provide us with the Motul products listed above – we were covered from the ground up.

Throughout the year Motul’s products continued to impress, the Suzuki RM-Z250 not only looked spotless each and every time it hit the track, but it continued to run like a dream. The Motul 7100 10W40 4T oil kept our engine in great condition and our gearbox super smooth.

The Inugel Expert coolant kept the bike’s running temperature under control, and the Motul Air Filter Oil continued to capture any dust or mud that made it’s way into the airbox.

As I mentioned above, the 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250 looked immaculate after almost a year of riding, the Motul Care products really did their job well. Be sure to click here and check out the Project Moto image gallery. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words!


I have not one negative thing to say about the Motul product line. Each and every product was easy to use and assured that our ride was in the best condition possible after spending countless hours out on the track.

If you’re looking to keep your bike in perfect running order and have the cleanest set up in the pits, then Motul products are the perfect fit for you! Be sure to check out for more information including a selection of kits and packs or head to your local Motul dealer.