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MX Hub: 38

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It’s Motocross of Nations week as Germany takes shape ahead of this weekend’s 2013 running of the historic event at Teutschenthal. The eyes of the world will be on this one very event come Saturday and Sunday, including us right here in Australia.

For many of us, the thought of the MXoN (or Motocross des Nations as it was forever fondly known as) brings back countless memories – some very successful, and some not so successful from an Australian standpoint.

But above all, it’s an event where countries unite. This year, with a lesser known but albeit very promising team, Australia stands a very real chance of claiming a top five result. Some are saying a podium isn’t out of the question if things go our way.

Almost everybody agrees that the combination of Brett Metcalfe (Canadian champion), Dean Ferris (MX2 GP winner) and Todd Waters (multiple Australian MX1 winner) is a very strong one. Metty has experience, Ferris is established in Europe and Waters is right where he wants to be on the eve of his maiden GP campaign.

Of course Chad Reed or Matt Moss (newly-crowned Australian champion) could have been ideal picks in their own right, but both are focused on the big picture that is domestic competition (Reed shuffling to get a deal in place for 2014 and Moss leading Australian Supercross).

Brett Metcalfe will lead Team Australia at the MXoN in Germany this weekend. Image: Simon Cudby.

Brett Metcalfe will lead Team Australia at the MXoN in Germany this weekend. Image: Simon Cudby.

I personally have a great feeling about what we’re about to see take place come Sunday especially and cannot wait to see our guys stand up and take on the world.

As for the winning prediction, Team USA with 22 overalls to their credit has to be favourite, but defending champs Germany are on home soil for this weekend. As always, it’s very, very difficult to look past the Americans.

Another major event taking place this weekend is the KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships, commencing on Sunday and spanning through the entire week. This is where champions are created and no doubt in 2013 there will be some real talent descending on Horsham.

The good news is that in partnership with KTM, My Sport Live will host a live panel show and then the final day of the event live (click here for further information).

And of course it’s a very busy week in terms of off-road competition, with the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) held in Sardinia and the Australasian Safari currently taking place in Western Australia.

That’s it from me for today though, over to you Makker…

Yesterday I did an interview with one of Australia’s most talented riders, Robbie Marshall, about a new mini-series he’s got happening with fellow Queensland racer Rob Haworth (click here to read). The two of them are each promoting a round of a short Queensland Supercross Championship held in November.

With Queensland – which consistently attracts big numbers – only hosting one round of the Terex Supercross Championship at Toowoomba (hey, that’s one more round than NSW and WA get this year!) the lads saw a bit of a hole that needed filling and decided to step up.

The tracks are expected to be full-scale set-ups, with the second round at Haworth’s billed to be a replica of the 2011 Indianapolis AMA SX track. That round featured an under-over section, so we could see something pretty spectacular.

Personally I applaud the two Robs for taking some initiative and working at progressing the sport in their State instead of whingeing about the current state of affairs, but doing little about it.

It’s no mean feat to organise a big event like this, especially on private property and all the red tape and bullshit that goes with it; it’s a selfless act that’s only going to further the sport, and I think a lot of people could take a leaf out of their books and give supercross a kick up the backside in their State or Territory.

The annual Farm Jam is shaping up for next year's running in NZ. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

The annual Farm Jam is shaping up for next year’s running in NZ. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

While on the topic of events, I’m again rolling up the sleeves and helping the Frew brothers organise the NZ Farm Jam again for next year. A press release is due to go out tomorrow, but I’ll give you the scoop that the date set aside for next year’s action-sports extravaganza is 1 March.

They’ve also set up an Instagram account (@farm_jam) to keep you guys in the loop with all the latest news, amazing photos from the last few years, and sneak peeks of how the courses are developing. Make sure you check it out!

Already the lads are busy pulling down and rebuilding the courses and adding new features to the Freeride FMX contest area, and with Red Bull and Unit both upping the game with sponsorship dollars this year, we can expect to see an even bigger number of the world’s best FMX, BMX and MTB riders converge on the farm for the Jam.

I’m pumped to be involved with helping this event and it’s always motivating to work with guys who are always eager to evolve their brainchild instead of being content to roll with the status quo each year.

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