News 12 Sep 2013

The Point: 2013 Australian Supercross crystal ball polls people in the know who they think will top the 2013 ASX series. loves bench racing with the best of them, and there’s no better time to do it than just before the gate drops on a new championship. With the team trucks about to converge on Darwin’s Hidden Valley Raceway, the racers in transit and the industry watching on with intense interest, we thought we’d hit up a bunch of riders, team owners, mechanics and industry players to find out their picks for the 2013 Terex Australian Supercross Championship.

Australian Supercross will fire into life this weekend at Hidden Valley. Image: Simon Makker/

Australian Supercross will fire into life this weekend at Hidden Valley. Image: Simon Makker/

Mike Ward – GYTR Yamaha mechanic
In Pro Open I’m picking Matt Moss for first, Josh Hill second and Dan McCoy third. Matt’s a great Supercross rider and he’ll want to show the Yanks who’s boss – his heart and will to win is second-to-none. Hill is on his way back up, but racing on our soil might be a deciding factor, and DMC is a solid Supercross rider and starter. He has more Supercross time up his sleeve over the boys who completed the Motocross season. In the Pro Lites I think it’ll be Gavin Faith in first, Luke Styke second and Brenden Harrison third. Faith definitely has Supercross skills and has performed well at the AMA Supercross level. Styke will be a solid contender – he’s a good starter and never gives in. I’m also backing Harrison as the underdog. I hope he has an injury-free season as he’s a great Supercross rider.

Ford Dale – 2012 MX2 MX Nationals champion
I think the Pro Open championship will come down to a battle between Matt Moss, Jay Marmont and Dan McCoy. Moss looked fast last year before his injury in the Lites, and McCoy is really strong at Supercross, but I think Marmont will take it. He’s the strongest at Supercross and he’s the reigning champ. In the Pro Lites I’m picking Brenden Harrison for the win, Luke Styke second and Kale Makeham in third. Harry’s fast and consistent when he’s on the bike. He’s a good bloke and I really want him to win, but I think it’ll be a big battle between him and Styke. An all-Aussie top three in both classes would be awesome!

Craig Anderson – Berry Sweet Yamaha race team owner
My picks for the Pro Open class are Matt Moss to win, Weston Peick second and Kade Mosig in third. In the Pro Lites I’m backing Luke Styke to also claim a second title this year, then Brenden Harrison and Kale Makeham. I think both Mossy and Styke are carrying a similar attitude of ‘win to look good, not look good to win’. Anyone who wins always looks good anyway, but it’s all about focusing solely on the job at hand and rolling the sleeves up.

American Gavin Faith aims to defend his Supercross Lites title.  Image: Simon Makker/

American Gavin Faith aims to defend his Supercross Lites title. Image: Simon Makker/

Harley Quinlan – former pro racer
In the Open class I think Josh Hill will win, then Matt Moss second and Kade Mosig third. Hill is a great starter and a roadblock to get around, while Moss is carrying a lot of momentum from the MX Nationals season. I think Mosig will definitely be competitive and he as a lot to prove with his CDR Yamaha ride. In the Pro Lites I’m going to pick Luke Styke, Gavin Faith and Brenden Harrison. If Styke doesn’t win the first round he’ll find a way to make it happen over the following rounds. Faith’s experience in the US will make him hard to beat, and Harrison has been around forever, but is hungry as to win and put himself back in front of people’s faces after a big injury layoff.

Joel Ryan – C&R Imports’ marketing manager
In the Opens I’m picking Matt Moss to win – he’s used to the Australian tracks, is high on confidence, and has sick-looking gear! Second will be Weston Peick. I don’t know a lot about the guy, but he can ride Supercross. It’ll be interesting to see how quick the imports adapt to our tracks and new teams. Third I pick Josh Hill. Like Peick, he’s fast in the US, if he can bring that speed over here he will be on the box. For Pro Lites I think Gavin Faith will win. He’s a great Supercross rider, he is on a fast bike and the large track should suit his flowing style. Last time he was out here he won the 250 title. Second will be Luke Styke, who will be confident after winning the MX2 title. I pick Taylor Potter for third, he rode Supercross in the US and has perfect timing. If he brought some of his speed home from the US, he’ll be up there on his new Honda.

Mick Macdermid – Owner of NineTwo Decals
In Pro Open it’s tough to go past Josh Hill for the win. He seems to be back to his old self and runs top five-to-10 over in the US. Second will be Matt Moss, who has always been a better Supercross rider. Carrying momentum from the Motocross will be a good thing for him. Third will be Weston Peick, as long as his set-up’s good, he’ll fight to the end. In Pro Lites, I think Luke Styke has it. He’s head-strong and was a step above the rest. Second will be Gavin Faith, but I think he’ll have a big battle with Styke for the title. I think Kale Makeham will be third – he’s last year’s U19 champ, is a hard worker and definitely has what it takes.