Features 25 Aug 2013

Qualifying Report: 2013 MX Nationals Rd9 Toowoomba

A brief report and complete qualifying results from Echo Valley's penultimate round.

CDR Yamaha rider Billy Mackenzie claimed his second GoPro Super Pole victory of the season at Toowoomba’s Echo Valley Raceway this morning.

Mackenzie topped the tight session ahead of series leader Matt Moss (Motul Pirelli Suzuki), while teammate Cody Cooper, Todd Waters (Motorex KTM) and his teammate Kirk Gibbs completed the top five.

With that result, Moss has extended his series lead from 11 to 13 points following qualifying at the penultimate round.

Billy Mackenzie raced to the GoPro Super Pole at Echo Valley. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

Billy Mackenzie raced to the GoPro Super Pole at Echo Valley. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

In the MX2 ranks it was Tune Tech Racing KTM two-stroke rider Kale Makeham who claimed the pole in convincing fashion, his 1m48.935 over a second faster than championship leader Luke Styke (Serco Yamaha).

Queensland pair Wade Hunter (Suzuki) and Brock Winston (Choice Motorsports KTM) were in third and fourth respectively, while lone Raceline Pirelli Suzuki rider this weekend Ryan Marmont completed the top five.

GYTR Yamaha’s Jay Wilson led the MXD qualifying from series leader Hamish Harwood (KTM), Jesse Dobson (Kawasaki), Corey James (Yamaha) and Joel Dinsdale (Yamaha).

2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals
Round nine – Toowoomba, QLD

Monster Energy MX1 results (includes Super Pole):
1. Billy Mackenzie 1m43.371
2. Matt Moss 1m43.607
3. Cody Cooper 1m43.692
4. Todd Waters 1m43.735
5. Kirk Gibbs 1m43.860
6. Jake Moss 1m45.684
7. Adam Monea 1m45.729
8. Gareth Swanpoel 1m45.906
9. Sam Martin 1m46.361
10. Cheyne Boyd 1m46.470
11. Jay Marmont 1m46.929
12. Dion Picard 1m59.619
13. James Booth-Elliott 1m50.289
14. Sam Duncanson 1m50.646
15. Dylan Gosling 1m52.196
16. Travis McCarthy 2m00.572

Motul MX2 results:
1. Kale Makeham 1m48.935
2. Luke Styke 1m49.968
3. Wade Hunter 1m50.526
4. Brock Winston 1m51.088
5. Ryan Marmont 1m51.357
6. Dylan Long 1m51.505
7. Takeshi Katsuya 1m51.621
8. Rhys Carter 1m52.593
9. Kayne Lamont 1m52.898
10. Daniel McEntee 1m53.228
11. Beau Ralston 1m53.831
12. Mitch Norris 1m53.895
13. John Prutti 1m54.276
14. Kieran Scheele 1m54.355
15. Joshua Kilvington 1m55.401
16. Tristen Cachia 1m55.596
17. Peter Boyle 1m57.214
18. Geordie McGrath 1m57.854
19. Luke Wilson 1m58.966
20. Steve Duncanson 1m59.052

Pirelli MXD results:
1. Jay Wilson 1m48.991
2. Hamish Harwood 1m49.892
3. Jesse Dobson 1m51.143
4. Corey James 1m51.186
5. Joel Dinsdale 1m51.340
6. Caleb Ward 1m51.837
7. Jack Simpson 1m52.017
8. Jake Emanuelli 1m52.113
9. Dylan Wills 1m53.171
10. Joel Wightman 1m53.555
11. Dylan Wilson 1m54.123
12. Logan Blackburn 1m54.710
13. Jesse Madden 1m55.055
14. Damien Harrison 1m55.158
15. Tomas Ravenhorst 1m55.220
16. Dakota Court 1m56.239
17. Jordan Bissaker 1m56.475
18. Bailey Coxon 1m56.736
19. Hamish McGrath 1m57.205
20. Mitchell Nichols 1m57.402

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