Products 16 Aug 2013

Reviewed: Topline seat cover

Looks, performance and durability set this product apart.

Some riders purchase a new seat cover for looks alone, others look for performance gains and improved durability over their stock units.

Topline seat covers offer all of the above in one impressive package, read on the see what we thought about the fresh and unique product.

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The unique ribbed construction allows the rider to move forward on the bike easily, but stops them sliding back under acceleration.

Technical Information

Topline has been producing high quality seat covers since 1992, continuously developing their product over the years as styles and needs of the current Motocross racer have evolved.

Topline seat covers are constructed using a black vinyl which features a rubberised diamond pattern to provide extreme grip. In addition, Topline also offers a ‘ribbed’ style seat cover with multiple folded ribs of vinyl which only fold in one direction.

This ribbed construction allows the rider to move move forward on the bike, but makes it almost impossible to slide backwards under acceleration. Each panel is individually cut and sewn together. To go one step further, Topline offers colour-coordinated ribs to suit your sticker kit.

Each Topline seat cover is tailor-made with an elastic band fitment system to suit each seat base. This system creates a perfect fit with no need to cut any excess vinyl off (Topline recommends the use of six millimetre staples – longer staples will damage your seat foam). To top it off, the Topline logo also glows in the dark.


The Topline seat cover really is a work of art. On delivery I was very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail that goes into each seat cover. It’s definitely hard to look past the perfectly constructed ribs (in your choice of colour) and impeccable finish.

I’m not the only one who’s impressed either, with the likes of Carlton Dry Honda Racing, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Zero Seven Motorsports and Lee Hogan’s BCP all currently using the Topline product, you can be assured that these seat covers are the goods.

Fitting the cover was such an easy process thanks to the unique elastic band fitment system that Topline seat covers feature. Instead of the vinyl continuing around and onto the seat base, Topline uses an elastic band that wraps around the base perfectly.

This elastic band also serves as a solid material to secure your cover to the base – no longer will you be ripping staples through your fresh seat cover. The elastic section puts the seat cover in place and holds firmly once you smash your staples through and into the plastic base.

Once the cover was fitted, it was time to stand back and marvel the looks of the product. It’s safe to say that this seat cover is the best looking cover I have seen on the market to date. The ribbed sections are spaced perfectly and the thin lines of coloured vinyl really pop and pull together the look of the bike. Our Project Moto 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250 looks awesome with the thin yellow accent pieces.

Having never used a ribbed seat cover before, I was unsure of how well they would actually work out on the track. Once again, I was quickly impressed. The ribs provide great traction while accelerating out of corners, you can feel yourself sticking to the seat!

With all of the traction under acceleration it was good to see that Topline has thought their design through and made it possible to slide forward on the seat with ease. With the ribs all folded in one direction, sliding forward into a correct cornering position was simple.


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Topline customised the seat cover accents to match our Project Moto 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250.


I can’t say one bad thing about the Topline seat cover. The quality is top-notch, the workmanship is amazing and the product performs even better than I had anticipated. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish I had used one earlier!


The Topline seat cover has to be my favourite product right now, it looks awesome and performs even better. Coming in at a recommended retail price of $110.00 (plus postage), you can’t go past it. Topline offer seat covers in a range of colours and sizes, call Mario on 0417 577 740 to order your own.