Products 9 Aug 2013

Reviewed: KustomMX full-bike decal kit

Slick, glossy look and ease of application top long feature list.

Let’s be honest, every single rider out there wants to look the part and have the coolest setup in the pits.

One way of achieving that is by getting yourself a full-bike decal kit from the guys at KustomMX, just like we did.

Read on to see exactly what we thought of the KustomMX product as we put it to the test on our very own Project Moto 2013 Suzuki RMZ-250.

The full-bike decal kit’s slick, glossy finish really set off the Project Moto 2013 Suzuki RMZ-250.

Technical Information

KustomMX offers a premium one-piece full-bike decal kit that does not delaminate; this has been achieved following countless hours of research and development.

The decals start life as a 400 micron (.4mm) clear vinyl. The print process begins by reverse-printing onto the vinyl with an eight-cartridge printer. Traditional printers usually only contain four cartridges, (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), while the eight-cartridge adds a light magenta, light cyan, green, and orange.

The extra cartridges allow KustomMX to control over a wider variety of colour shades including a perfect KTM orange and Kawasaki green. From there, the decals are screened with a gloss vinyl cover white ink to give it a white backing.

The decals are rolled with a low surface-energy polypropylene adhesive, giving them the best stick money can buy. The unique screen process, combined with the clear vinyl and low surface adhesive is what separates KustomMX from most of the competition

This process creates a true one-piece decal that will withstand the harshest punishment, whilst maintaining a slick glossy finish. Once the decals are printed, screened, dried, and rolled with adhesive, they are ready to cut out. KustomMX uses a flat-bed cutter that provides precise lines to ensure your graphics fit perfectly.


With just a few general design and colour guidelines provided, the guys at KustomMX went to work on our very own branded 2013 Suzuki RM-Z250 full decal kit.

First impressions of the KustomMX product? Great. The full-bike decal kit comes well packaged, complete with fitment instructions – everything you need. The finish of the product is impressive; super-glossy, thick and vibrant thanks to the unique screen-printed process.

Obviously after about two minutes of drooling over the fresh kit I was out in the workshop tearing the Project Moto Suzuki RM-Z250 down in order to apply the new look. Fitment of decals can at times be a dreadful task, but this is where I found the KustomMX product really excelled.

Each section of the decals fit perfectly to the plastic and it was quite an easy task to apply them. I have fitted a lot of full-kits in the past, but this one definitely ranked as one of the most straight-forward and hassle-free to date. Ease of fitment is a great feature for you guys at home applying these yourself!

Once the decals were firmly stuck to my plastics thanks to the impressive low surface-energy polypropylene adhesive, it was time to stand back and marvel the completely transformed machine. The KustomMX decal kit definitely stepped up the bike and really brought it to life.

The KustomMX decals not only look great, but they stand up to abuse quite well. I didn’t find any edges peeling up and after giving the Suzuki a tub following each ride, it came up looking brand new every time.

Applying the full-bike kit was intuitive and hassle-free.


I can’t say anything negative about the KustomMX product. On certain angles I did notice the yellow in the decals was slightly different to the Suzuki plastic colour, but that’s barely noticeable at all. Other than that, the KustomMX full-bike decal kit is flawless!


The KustomMX full-bike decal kit is a great product with plenty of strong features – at just $349.95 for a complete custom kit, you can’t go wrong. KustomMX offers a unique range of designs to cater to even the most picky racer, freestyler, or off-roader.

For more information or to order your very own kit, check out Also, be sure to check out their Facebook & Instagram pages for the unveiling of their 2014 range and various upcoming giveaways.