Features 6 Aug 2013

Social Spotlight: Luke Arbon

We speak to Luke Arbon about his new Serco Yamaha Supercross steed as posted on his Instagram account.

Last week Serco Yamaha announced they had secured the services of Luke Arbon to campaign their YZ250F for the Australian Supercross Championships in the place of the sidelined Luke Clout. Today he posted a photo of his new ride on Instagram, and MotoOnline dropped him a line for a quick chat.

Instagram: @la_54
Caption: Yeah yeah. Here we go @sercoyamaha

Gavin [Eales] has gotten me the bike nice and quickly and I should get some good laps in now for Supercross. I spent about a week prepping my Supercross track but unfortunately it’s been raining all day today. It’s a bit wet at the moment but hopefully it dries out a bit and I can get into it. It’s good to be able to focus on it now. The other guys will have the racing experience under the belt from the MX Nationals and now it’s up to me to put the laps in, do my homework and I think I’ll be ready to go in five weeks time.