News 6 Aug 2013

Off-Road Observations: 31

MotoOnline's weekly enduro and desert feature, presented by Yamaha's WR450F.

When particularly insightful or downright awesome films come our way, we often dedicate the Off-Road Observations feature to them as the likes of FourOhFour or Motology showcase Australian off-road in glorious YouTube vision.

So when this Yamaha-presented film from the recent Australian Four Day Enduro came our way this morning, it was an easy decision to publish it as a major part of today’s ORO column.

In the film, follow the Yamaha off-road racing teams and Yamaha-supported riders as they compete in Australia’s most prestigous annual event, the A4DE, held in Harvey, WA.

Featuring Daniel Milner, Stefan Merriman, Josh Green, Tom McCormack, Stefan Granquist, Emelie Karlsson, Jemma Wilson and Kirk Hutton. Also appearing is Kirstrian Sprenger and Mike McCormack.

And another film that has made headlines this week is Motology’s review of the 2014 Yamaha YZ450F, featuring none other than recent Hattah Desert Race winner Josh Green.

Motology’s Adam Riemann and Green do an exceptional job showing off the latest and greatest features of the 2014 Yamaha, which was shot during last week’s national launch at Queensland Moto Park.

What’s unique about this particular film from the YZ450F launch is that the focus for Riemann and Green is to scope the desert racing potential of the 2014 model. Considering Green’s success in the outback to date, who better to gauge its strengths?