Features 28 Jul 2013

Qualifying Report: 2013 MX Nationals Rd7 Hervey Bay

The rundown from MX1, MX2 and MXD qualifying at Hervey Bay in Queensland.

An action-packed morning of qualifying for the Monster Energy MX Nationals’ seventh round is complete at Hervey Bay.

Jake Moss (Campbell Mining Suzuki) topped both regular qualifying and the GoPro Super Pole session, but was excluded when officials deemed he rode inside of the track markers during his hot lap.

Other major news from the morning sessions included the injuries of Dean Porter and Jackson Richardson. Porter suffered a suspected dislocated shoulder upon return from injury, while Richardson sustained a broken femur on debut with Carlton Dry Honda.

Complete top 20 results from each of the regular qualifying sessions are below.

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CDR Yamaha's Billy Mackenzie nabbed Super Pole at Hervey Bay. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

CDR Yamaha’s Billy Mackenzie nabbed Super Pole at Hervey Bay. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship
Round seven – Hervey Bay, QLD

MX1 qualifying top 20 (includes Super Pole):
1. Billy Mackenzie 1m34.049
2. Matt Moss 1m34.088
3. Kirk Gibbs 1m34.134
4. Todd Waters 1m34.833
5. Jake Moss 1m32.397 (excluded)
6. Adam Monea 1m34.095
7. Cody Cooper 1m34.649
8. Lawson Bopping 1m34.691
9. Cheyne Boyd 1m35.531
10. Cody Mackie 1m35.803
11. Gareth Swanepoel 1m35.932
12. Jay Marmont 1m36.477
13. Dylan Gosling 1m37.606
14. Sam Duncanson 1m38.477
15. James Booth-Elliott 1m38.752
16. Dean Porter 1m39.208
17. Paul Humbertson 1m39.291
18. Ricky Latimer 1m41.607
19. Jesse O’Farrell 1m42.899

MX2 qualifying top 20:
1. Kale Makeham 1m34.454
2. Luke Styke 1m34.897
3. Kade Mosig 1m35.544
4. Ryan Marmont 1m35.836
5. Brock Winston 1m35.888
6. Takeshi Katsuya 1m36.308
7. Kayne Lamont 1m36.694
8. Geran Stapleton 1m36.782
9. Dylan Long 1m36.906
10. Wade Hunter 1m36.990
11. Keiron Hall 1m37.597
12. Tristen Cachia 1m37.674
13. Rhys Carter 1m38.253
14. Daniel McEntee 1m39.180
15. Beau Ralston 1m39.763
16. Jordan Flaherty 1m40.066
17. Tim Farrell 1m40.395
18. John Prutti 1m40.752
19. Luke Wilson 1m41.251
20. Zane Keleher 142.868

MXD qualifying top 20:
1. Hamish Harwood 1m37.439
2. Joel Dinsdale 1m37.561
3. Jay Wilson 1m37.850
4. Jake Emanuelli 1m38.200
5. Jesse Dobson 1m39.441
6. Jack Simpson 1m39.954
7. Clay Kilvington 1m41.176
8. Joel Evans 1m41.247
9. Dylan Wilson 1m41.384
10. Jesse Madden 1m41.661
11. Joel Wightman 1m41.873
12. Dylan Wills 1m41.942
13. Dakota Court 1m42.285
14. Logan Blackburn 1m42.685
15. Kyle Chay 1m43.084
16. Tomas Ravenhorst 1m43.119
17. Brodie Downes 1m43.310
18. Corey James 1m43.318
19. Izak Maule 1m43.403
20. Damien Harrison 1m43.461