Features 5 Jul 2013

Q&A: 2014 Motocross models

MotoOnline.com.au answers five questions about the upcoming 2014 Motocross models.

Each year manufacturers work tirelessly to put together fresh new models to one-up their previous year’s range. 2014 is no exception to this as we’ve already seen KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki reveal their line up for the new year.

With a selection of the new models already available in stores and the majority of them hitting showroom floors very soon, MotoOnline.com.au takes a brief look at some key points on these models.

Honda has an all-new CRF250R for 2014.

Honda has an all-new CRF250R for 2014.

What are the major changes for 2014?

For 2014 both Yamaha and Honda have stepped up their game and released all-new models. Yamaha revealed their redesigned YZ450F and all-new YZ250F recently in the US. Both featuring the reversed cylinder design, new bodywork and a long list of updates.

Honda have also updated their MX2 contender for 2014, revealing the brand new CRF250R which now follows in the CRF450R’s footsteps using the same chassis upgrades, bodywork and their distinct twin-exhaust system.

Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM have refined their already impressive models for 2014. Each brand slightly tweaking their models to get the most out of the current design carrying over from 2013.

Where can we find more in-depth information?

MotoOnline.com.au have information and images of each and every 2014 Motocross model currently released. Click here to check out our Product Centre which features those stories.

Will we see each model tested for the new year?

For 2014 MotoOnline.com.au will be putting together comprehensive tests on every Motocross model released. As soon as we get our hands on them we will be bringing our readers in-depth written reviews along with static imagery, action imagery and films including rider feedback for each bike. Stay tuned for those over the coming months.

Yamaha will offer up two brand new Motocross models for 2014.

Yamaha will offer up two brand new Motocross models for 2014.

How many 2014 models have hit our shores already?

Kawasaki Australia announced that their 2014 KX450F and KX250F are now in stores Australia-wide, click here to view that story. Sources also indicated Yamaha has been testing the all-new YZ450F in Queensland recently, but the MX1 contender will not be officially released until after the national launch at the end of July. Stay tuned for further information on the Hondas, KTMs and Suzukis.

Which models are the most anticipated?

For 2014 the all-new Yamaha YZ450F and YZ250F along with Honda’s fresh CRF250R will be the most anticipated models to be released. The YZ450F features a refined design of the already innovative and unique layout created back in 2010, all reports so far indicate that the bike is a strong improvement.

The YZ250F features the same overall design as the YZ450F and also receives fuel-injection for 2014, meaning it is now in-line with it’s EFI-fitted competitors. Honda’s CRF250R now aligns itself with the CRF450R which was all-new for 2013. Honda’s fresh MX2 contender is the only completely new 250F to be released along with the Yamaha.