Products 4 Jul 2013

Motul releases all-new Off Road MC Care Gift Pack

Check out this all-new product from Motul available now Australia-wide.

Link International sent us the following information on this fresh product from Motul:


Motul has announced the launch of their brand new Off Road MC Care Gift Pack which contains the following Motul products:

Motul Off-Road Chain Lube – Motul Off-Road Chain Lube’s specific formulation limits rolling friction, improves transmission performance and increases chain service life. The Creamy and non-sticky lubricant is suitable for all chains of off road bikes and quads.

Product retains its lubricant properties at very high temperatures, is resistant to water, prevents corrosion, protects the O-rings and contains a solvent to penetrate well between the pins. Motul Off-Road Chain Lube disperses deposits of sand, mud and dirt and also protects the chain in muddy and wet conditions.

Motul Air Filter Oil – Motul Air Filter Oil is a specific lubricant designed for foam air filters on motorcycles. Motul Air Filter Oil strengthens the effectiveness of the air filter leading to better carburation and increases its durability.

The product effectively retains dust, mud, and sand, promoting longer engine life. It also prevents water from entering the filter, reduces load losses at the air intake, and increases engine performance. Very good resistance to clogging; prevents the filter from becoming choked.

Motul Shine & Go Silicone Spray – Motul Shine & Go is a silicone based spray to polish the whole motorcycle. Fairing, plastics, dashboard, rims, mudguards, crash bar, paintwork, varnish, carbon parts… Particularly recommended to obtain an as new finish on tarnish colours.

Motul Shine & Go polishes and revives the colours in plastic, carbon elements, paintwork and varnish on the whole motorcycle while drying evenly and leaving a protective sheen.

Motul Helmet & Visor Clean – Motul Helmet and Visor Clean cleans the outside of the helmet without leaving any marks. Motul Helmet and Visor clean is suitable for all helmets and visor technologies. The products neutral, non-aggressive formula effectively dissolved greasy or non-dry dirt without damaging the underlying surface, leaving an anti-insect film.

Normally, these items would retail for $82.00, but Motul have put together all these products for a recommended retail price of only $69.90. There’s also a free gift in every pack, so get into your local bike shop and grab one today.

The Motul Off-Road MC Care Gift Pack is available now at most bikes shops around Australia. For more information on the range Motul of products visit or click here to like them on Facebook.