Products 17 Jun 2013

2014 Suzuki RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 break cover

Suzuki's fresh RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 broke cover this week, check out the refinements on each model for 2014.

Suzuki’s 2014 range of RM-Z Motocross machines has broken cover this week with small but effective refinements to the already impressive units.

The 2014 Suzuki RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 both feature updated ECM ignition programs that claim to improve starting, as well as Champion Yellow-and-black graphics with an all-new yellow side number plate colour to match.

Redesigned muffler internal parts increase bottom-to-mid range power and torque on both models for 2014, resulting in improved performance without losing top end.

The new muffler body now uses conventional bolts in end cap instead of rivets to simplify the replacement of the glass wool packing inside the muffler.

The 2014 RM-Z450 piston pin has Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) surface treatment, for less friction and increased durability.
Intake cam timing and amount of lift has been modified for smoother power delivery and control.

Suzuki's has made small refinements to their 2014 Motocross range,  pictured here is the RM-Z450.

Suzuki’s has made small refinements to their 2014 Motocross range, pictured here is the RM-Z450.

The newly designed piston, piston pin and connecting rod are developed with use of Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis. The new piston is 13 percent lighter without any compromise to strength and rigidity.

Both models feature the latest version of Separate Function front Fork (SFF-type2) from Showa, separating the spring and damping tasks.

Riders can now also track engine-operating time and better manage maintenance intervals on their 2014 RM-Z’s using the new optional FI indicator.

The 2014 RM-Z250 crankcase reed valve has been revised for more efficient lubrication. The new oil strainer has a stronger magneto to capture contaminants from the engine oil. Together these changes contribute to better throttle response and smoother power delivery.

A new ECM with higher processing performance and a new high power ignition coil optimize combustion efficiency for increased roll-on performance.

Suzuki's 2014 RM-Z250.

Suzuki’s new MX2 contender, the 2014 RM-Z250.

The RM-Z250’s cooling efficiency is increased thanks to a redesigned radiator fin and revised water hose routing, making the bike’s high performance power output more stable, even in the most demanding conditions.

For 2014 the RM-Z250 also features a new by-pass hose routing to simplify occasional radiator maintenance.

Renthal aluminum Fatbar is standard equipment. It has more strength and less vibration than aluminum straight handlebars

To maintain the RM-Z’s renowned handling performance, each bike’s rear suspension features a Showa Piggyback shock with setting changes and adjustments to best match with the increased engine performance and front forks changes. The design allows enhanced suspension performance for a wider variety of riders.

The frame and seat rail on both models have been refined for optimized rigidity balance. The result is an ideal balance of nimble handling and stability.

Stay tuned for further information on an Australian release date and price when we have it.