Products 22 May 2013

Husaberg unveils 2014 range in final year of independent operation

Husaberg celebrates 25 years with revamped range before Husqvarna merger.

Husaberg's final independent year will celebrate 25 years.

Husaberg’s final independent year will celebrate 25 years.

Husaberg has revealed its 2014 model range, confirming it will be the Swedish marque’s final year as an independent brand before merging with Husqvarna (click here for complete news report).

The entire seven-bike, two-stroke and four-stroke, model range has been improved and refined.

Following the hugely successful introduction of a completely new and extended model range for 2013, for 2014 Husaberg’s focus is simple – to advance and optimise the rideability of all seven of its models.

Overall handling of all models has been upgraded to ensure improved manoeuvrability and rideability. In addition the FE 250 is fitted with an all-new motor, one that delivers class leader enduro power and increased performance.

Husaberg’s 2014 models are the result of 25 years of commitment, innovation, and passion for enduro sport. They also signify the final chapter in the companies celebrated history.

As Husaberg’s state-of-the-art technology joins together with Husqvarna’s rich heritage, under the Husqvarna brand, the 2014 model range represents a fantastic and unique opportunity to own a pure Husaberg for the very last time.

For 2014 the FE 250 sees numerous improvements as the bike sets new standards in the Enduro 1 class. Featuring a completely new engine, which offers notably more torque than its predecessor, the quarter litre four-stroke features an all-new cylinder head that offers a significant increase in power.

A shorter stroke, new crankshaft, five percent heavier flywheel, new crankcases, updated Engine Management System, as well as the addition of the proven DDS clutch system, ensures the new FE250 engine packs a serious punch.

For 2014 the FE 250 receives a new exhaust system matched to its new engine. Featuring a new header pipe and a silencer with dual cone perforated pipes, it ensures low sound levels and outstanding performance.

Improved traction and greater rider comfort is one of the most significant highlights of the 2014 Husaberg range. All models receive optimised suspension settings, which ensure improved traction and a smoother ride.

Improvements to the WP PDS shock don’t stop at upgraded settings – for 2014 they also feature simplified seal changing and preload adjustment. FE 250 suspension settings are now identical to the FE 350.

The sophisticated 4CS USD WP Closed Cartridge forks have been extensively revised for 2014, making them more durable, offering better performance, and making them easier to both adjust and maintain.

The FE 250 has been revamped for the 2014 model range.

The FE 250 has been revamped for the 2014 model range.

Delivering impressive and constant damping characteristics, it is now easier than ever before to bleed the forks of air. Springs can also be changed without the need for special equipment.

Chassis development of the FE 250 and FE 350 models has resulted in significant weight savings as well as handling improvements.

With thinner walled down tubes, added to revised cylinder head braces, the new frames allow better absorb energy generated from rear wheel impacts. Improved torsional rigidity also improves high-speed stability and precise cornering.

Husaberg’s 25th Anniversary is celebrated with assertive new styling as the entire model range receives a sleek and unique new look. Enhancing the slender bodywork on all of the state-of-the-art machines, the striking new graphics compliment the performance upgrades by ensuring a clean, contemporary look.

Optimisation of the quarter-turn bayonet filler cap allows quicker and easier opening and closing of the fuel cap.

Redesigned for 2014 the lower clamp delivers more consistent force transmission between triple clamp and fork tube. The high-end CNC machined reduce unwanted influences on the damping to ensure a smoother fork action.

The new speedometer, developed together with TRAIL TECH, stands out due to its superior ergonomics. Easier to use it provides a better read-out, with the time now visible in any display mode.

With the focus on saving weight and simplifying the electrical system the wire harness, new ECU, connector and fuse mounts, have all been improved with the TE 250 and TE 300 models also receiving a stronger battery for 2014.

Click here for complete details on the range and stay tuned for further information on an Australian release date.