Features 16 May 2013

Rewind: Australian GPs at Broadford

This week's Rewind feature looks back at two of the great weekends in Aussie Motocross history.

Two of the great race weekends in Australian Motocross history have to be the 2000 and 2001 FIM Motocross World Championship rounds, held at Broadford in Victoria.

With the MX Nationals returning to the venue this weekend and rumours rising once again that Australia’s in line for a GP return within the next couple of years, what better time to look back on the events in the below YouTube videos?

The star of grand prix motocross on Aussie soil is no doubt the late Andrew ‘Sharky’ McFarlane, using the 2000 running to put himself on the map before racing to second overall in 2001 as a rookie in the world championship.

It’s rides like those of McFarlane that Australian Motocross is built on, with memories still fresh for all who were lucky enough to witness those landmark events. You can hear the crowds roaring and the excitement was second to none.

Now over 10 years ago, we were lucky enough to see those very events first hand and still, to this day, treasure those memories. Ride on, Sharky!