Interviews 30 Apr 2013

Race Recap: Todd Waters

Motorex KTM's MX Nationals red plate holder recaps the Murray Bridge round.

In an MX1 field that had everyone hyped up to be more stacked than Ikea flat-pack factory, Motorex KTM’s Todd Waters has been a clear standout.

With two overalls from two rounds, the 22-year-old has quickly painted a bright red target on the back of his jersey to match his red plates as series leader.

While things didn’t go completely to plan for him on Sunday at Murray Bridge, Waters still widened his points lead in the championship hunt.

MotoOnline caught up with him as he chilled with his team-mate Kirk Gibbs’ family in Mt Gambier.

Todd Waters was again the dominant factor in South Australia. Image: Jeff Crow/Sport the Library.

Todd Waters was again the dominant factor in South Australia. Image: Jeff Crow/Sport the Library.

Alright, give it to me straight, Todd. Are you happy with how you rode on Sunday?

Not at all. I made mistakes I shouldn’t be making, my starts weren’t up to scratch, I didn’t give it 100 percent and I didn’t hit all my lines right, especially in that first moto. If I was to give myself a rating out of 10 I’d only give myself a six, maybe a seven at a push.

This year the one thing I’m focusing on is bettering myself. Obviously we want to win races and that’s what I’m employed to do, but I’m there to ride the best I can and if I do that, I’ll win. I’ve got to keep reminding myself to focus on my riding more than the results or getting the overalls.

On the podium you said you’d got a bit too cock-sure of yourself heading into the first moto. Is there a line you can cross when it comes to confidence, and how did you turn things around for moto two?

Yeah I felt I was riding well, but I wasn’t focused properly and I let myself slip. I think that lack of focus cost me that first race. I got a bad start and thought I came through the pack well, but then I ran into the back of Bill Mackenzie and stuffed it. It was a silly error that shouldn’t have happened, but I can’t change that.

Between the motos I decided to focus all my energies on getting a good start and then hitting all my markers during the race. I was happy with how I ended the day and I want to use each round as training for Todd Waters to get better.

For so many years I’ve focused solely on winning championships and it hasn’t worked out. I’ve change that attitude this year and my focus now is on giving myself the best opportunity to get overseas.

You always seem to do well at Murray Bridge and have won the overall every time you’ve come here. What do you like so much about this place?

It’s fairly tight and pretty one-lined so everyone has this mentality that it’s hard to pass on. I like to find different lines and think outside the box on tracks like that, and I think that’s a big factor as to why I can come through the pack when I don’t get a good start.

Naturally you have more confidence when you go to a round where you’ve had a lot of success in the past. I’ve won three out of three here and Murray Bridge is one of my favourite tracks for sure, and I really like South Australia.

Waters is focused on improving himself throughout the 2013 campaign. Image: Jeff Crow/Sport the Library.

Waters is focused on improving himself throughout the 2013 campaign. Image: Jeff Crow/Sport the Library.

So we’re 20 percent of the way through this championship already and the chase is starting to shake out. Who do you perceive is your biggest competition this year?

At this stage Billy is starting to step up and really wants it. I’m pumped that he wants it so bad, because I do too and I love competition and being pushed.

Then you’ve got your wildcards like Cody Cooper who’s so quick and I think he’ll certainly win races and rounds this year. When that happens I’ve got to put myself in positions to run with him and try and capitalise on any mistakes he makes.

You’ve already gained an extra 10 points by winning the new Super Pole format twice. Is this something you’re targeting as a way of gaining those extra points? After all, without them you would’ve finished Murray Bridge in second overall behind Billy.

During the week I focus on the Super Pole by working on sprint laps, but come race day it’s not my sole aim at all. I’d rather get 35 points for each moto than five points for qualifying!

Everyone’s going to hype up for one lap and try and rush the course, but I try and be cool and stay smooth and fast. It’s been working for me so far.

Definitely has. We’ve got a short turn-around between Murray Bridge and Wonthaggi. What are you going to work on this week?

We’re staying at the Gibbs’ place in Mt Gambier this week. I haven’t spent a lot of time in South Australia, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to hang out here. Monday was a recovery day for us and we went and played some golf. I’m pretty bad at it and was having more fun jumping the golf cart off the drop-offs and stuff [laughs].

For the rest of the week we’ll ride a couple of times, work on our technique and sprints, then go to the sand-dunes over near the Cachia’s for a bit of freeriding.

Good to see you’re keeping the fun element alive, mate! Enjoy and we’ll see you this weekend.

Thanks mate, see ya there.