Products 5 Apr 2013

Reviewed: 2013 One Industries Defcon Racewear puts the 2013 One Industries Defcon Racewear to the test.

When C&R Imports sent us our latest package of goodies which included a set of 2013 One Industries Defcon racewear, we knew we would be in for a treat.’s Adam Spence hit the track in the all-new outfit and put it to the test with impressive results. Read on to find out more.

The One Industries Defcon Racewear is hard to fault while laying down laps at the track. Image: Alex Gobert.

The One Industries Defcon Racewear is hard to fault while laying down laps at the track. Image: Alex Gobert.

Technical Information

For 2013 the One Industries Defcon jersey features an engineered chassis built with moisture wicking materials, creating a lightweight garment with a better functioning athletic cut. Strategically placed mesh panels have also been added to enhance cooling throughout.

In addition, coverage has been increased with uncompromised comfort including an all-new custom collar. Sleeve bunching and forearm discomfort has been eliminated using cuffless sleeves, while the long tail remains tucked in using extra material.

Featruing a tailored fitting chassis which has been designed around an aggressive race position, the Defcon pant offers advanced materials for optimized protection, durability, ventilation and mobility.

Engineered stretch panels around the knee area accommodate a wide selection of knee protection, while leather knee panel provides unrivaled heat dissipation abrasion resistance.

The Defcon pant has a limited application of non-essential embellishments throughout to reduce the overall weight. Capping off the pant is a secure and durable waist closure system.

The One Industries Zero glove features optimized feel and comfort with its single-layered Clarino palm, while the slip-on cuff construction offers a no-bulk comfortable feel and fit.

Rider grip and control have both been enhanced with the silicone printed palm and fingers, along with increased flexibility and breathability due to the lightweight stretch twill and mesh gussets.


Obviously the first positive feature within the One Industries Defcon Navy racewear is the colour and design. This gear has a unique, clean, technical and futuristic look to its design, paired with a great colourway that certainly stands out at the track. ‘Factory’ might just be the perfect word to describe this gear?

The Defcon jersey features a slightly different cut to some of its competitors, and for me it was exactly what I needed. Being a lanky toothpick myself, the slightly slimline cut that the Defcon jersey provides worked out just right for me.

Specifically in the arms where I usually find the jersey flapping in the wind, the Defcon sleeves were nice and snug. But something that they did maintain, which I think is very smart, is a good amount of room in the torso section of the garment. These days with so many riders using body armour underneath their jersey, the cut still provides ample room to do so.

Jumping into the Defcon pant for the first time was great, nice and comfortable, plenty of room for my knee braces – you couldn’t ask for anything more. But the feature that actually made this pant stand out the most was evident when removing them at the end of the day.

The Defcon pant features your usual mesh liner that is the standard in high- end pants throughout the market today – but these are slightly different. Have you ever torn that mesh liner out on your first ride because it was snagged on your knee brace? I bet you have!


One Industries looks to have cured that problem with a liner that is not actually fastened to the pant itself down in the lower leg region. What this means in when you remove them, if the liner is snagged on your knee braces there is no need to worry. Just pull the liner out with your knee brace and stuff it back inside afterwards. Too easy.

On the bike the pant performs great with an impressive range of movement, no tight areas and certainly no discomfort at all throughout the day. Limiting the use of bulky TPR logos and un-necessary weight really gives the Defcon pants a light feel and the breathability is very impressive – the same can be said for the Defcon jersey also in the airflow department.

Being quite picky with my gloves, the One Industries Zero glove was a real standout for me. The single-layered Clarino palm is always going to be a winner in my book for feel and comfort, paired with the slip-on cuff design and minimalistic design – you can’t go wrong.

The fit of the Zero glove is perfect, nice and slim with minimal bulk in the palm area which minimises your chances developing blisters while holding back your dreaded arm-pump for as long as possible. The ‘Zero’ name says it all, minimal, clean, smart and functional design.


It’s actually quite hard to fault the One Industries Defcon racewear, and I do find it hard to think of any problems that I did encounter whilst testing these products.

Possibily the only gripe some buyers may have is the lack of protection on the Zero glove. Now this is probably going to be more of an issue for the weekend rider who might dabble in some Enduro action – protection needs can vary depending on what you decide to do.

But if you are looking to buy products that are built purely for high performance, then these are what you need. If not, you may need to look for a glove that offers a bit more protection for your fingers and knuckles.


The 2013 One Industries Defcon racewear is an impressive product, as you can see from my negative comments – I don’t really have any! Obviously some riders may find issues with the gear that I have not encountered, but that is always a possibility with variations in body types and riding styles.

For me the Defcon racewear is a solid setup with basically very base covered. Great looks, lightweight, high performance and comfortable. Coming in at a recommended retail price of just $59.95 for the jersey, $198.95 for the pant and $32.95 for the glove, you can’t go wrong with these products. Be sure to check out for more information and stockist listings for your local area.