Products 22 Mar 2013

Reviewed: 2013 Thor Force helmet puts the 2013 Thor Force helmet to the test.

There is no substitute for quality when it comes to protecting your head, and with the delivery of our very own 2013 Thor Force helmet from GAS Imports, it was obvious that the Thor product was of the highest quality.

Here at we love getting out on the track and putting new products to the test, which is exactly what we did with this helmet – read on to see what we thought!

The 'Scorpio Multi' colour way definitely stands out on the track. Image: Alex Gobert.

The ‘Scorpio Multi’ colour way definitely stands out on the track. Image: Alex Gobert.

Technical Information

Featuring a hand laid composite fiberglass/kevlar construction for superior strength with minimal weight, the Thor Force helmet meets or exceeds all Australian, AMA and FIM professional racing standards.

The DOT and ECE 22.05 approved helmet features a contoured eyeport gasket for an improved goggle fit along with an integrated roost guard for added protection, followed by increased liner and EPS ventilation for maxium airflow during hot conditions.

Front intake port and rear exhaust vents help provide optimal air circulation and venting throughout the helmet, while EPS material extends throughout the chinbar area for increased strength.

The antibacterial, moisture wicking SilverCool™ liner is both removable and washable, whilst keeping you cool ride after ride. An integrated hi-flow mouthpiece is also fitted to increase airflow while filtering out roost.


Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed when pulling my Thor Force helmet out of the box was the colour and design – I knew I was going to be standing out when I ran this fresh lid that’s for sure.

I received my Force helmet in the ‘Scorpio Multi’ colour way, which is intended to match up with my Thor Core ‘Scorpio Purple’ gear set that I also received, click here to check out the review on that.

I myself am definitely more of a clean lines and simplistic design kind of person when it comes to my gear, but in no way does this mean the Scorpio Multi design is anything but great.

Throwing the helmet on for the first time, I felt immediate comfort. The liner is of high quality and the amount of padding is just right I think. I felt no pressure points anywhere and the helmet fit the contours of my head very well.

The antibacterial, moisture wicking SilverCool™ liner is very easy to remove for washing, just clip the pads out, give them a scrub and clip them back in – simple and very straight forward.

As with all of the high end helmets on the market, the Thor Force features the traditional double D-ring fastening system to keep the helmet where it belongs.

The Thor Force helmet features quite a large eyeport, allowing even our very large Dragon NFX goggle to squeeze in. Depending which goggle you prefer, this could be a great thing or a not so great thing – but for me, it worked out perfectly.

Finally the ventilation. I have unfortunately dealt with sweltering heat each time I have worn this helmet and luckily the improved airflow takes care of any overheating issues – definitely a winner in the airflow department this one.

On track the Thor Force helmet feels light and comfortable at all times. Image: Liam Foulds/LF Sports Photography.

On track the Thor Force helmet feels light and comfortable at all times. Image: Liam Foulds/LF Sports Photography.


As with all Thor products, the negative section is dwarfed by the range of positive aspects. But as always, there has to be a few minor features that could be improved to create an even better all-round product.

My first gripe with the Thor Force helmet is more of a personal preference issue, but I would expect others to notice the same – it’s to do with visor positioning.

I would like to see the visor with more adjustability – upwards adjustability to be more specific. I find myself seeing too much visor in my field of vision while riding and would love to bump it up just a touch.

Another small issue I have is actually in the looks department. This helmet is designed to be worn with the Thor Core Scorpio Purple gear set – but for some reason the helmet features a range of colours that are nowhere to be found on the jersey or pant.

I would say that this was an intentional decision, but I would have liked to see some purple added to the helmet design to bring the look together. It’s almost there, almost.


Overall the Thor Force Scorpio Multi helmet is a top quality product with innovative design features and safety standards that meet the highest level possible.

The helmet is lightweight, easy to clean, looks great on the track and accommodates for various goggle shapes and sizes on the market today.

At a recommended retail price of $399.00, the Thor Force helmet is an affordable unit that provides everything you need – although I must add that you should always be spending as much as you can when it comes to the protection of your head!

Head to your local Thor dealer to check out the Thor Force range of helmets or alternatively you can check out for more information and stockist listings.