Products 22 Mar 2013

Updated: Oakley introduces the all-new Airbrake MX Goggle

Check out the all-new innovative Airbrake MX Goggle available soon in Australia from Oakley.

Monza Imports sent us the following information on the all-new Airbrake MX Goggle from Oakley soon to be released in Australia:


On 15 April, Monza Imports will release the most revolutionary MX goggle to hit the market in at least 30 years. Airbrake MX will set an entirely new standard for protection, clarity, comfort and convenience. This product will change every notion that motocross riders have about what a motocross goggle can be and what it should do.

The Oakley Airbrak MX Goggle features injection-molded Plutonite® lens material providing 100 percent protection against ambient UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

The expanded lens volume provides optimized peripheral vision, along with fog elimination of lens with Flow-Coat Anti-Fog coating and integrated tear-off posts for mounting of optional laminated or standard tear-offs.

Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating is optional. The lens also meets impact requirements based on ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards, tested from 190 to 380 nanometers.

An exoskeleton chassis construction combines rigid O Matter® exterior with a pliable thermoplastic urethane faceplate that conforms to your face comfortably, while dual swtchlock mechanisms lock the lens securely in place.

The rigid O Matter® strap connections provide even distribution of goggle pressure while twin surge ports at top of chassis help channel airflow into the helmet.

A low-profile frame design provides increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility along with all-day comfort from the O-Hydrolix triple-layer foam and moisture wicking polar fleece lining.

The matte black textured inner frame surface creates optimum glare reduction while a microcellular urethane lens gasket is used to seal out dust or moisture.

In addition, the dual-adjustable strap with silicone lining provides a versatile, secure fit. Plus you have the option to run the fully integrated Race-Ready roll-off system with increased film height for expanded field of view in muddy conditions.

The Airbrak MX Goggle comes with a seven-pack of Oakley Laminated tear-offs and a two-pack of Oakley Lens Protector Shields included in the package.

A sand-specific faceplate kit with closed-cell vent foam is also available, along with the snowcross faceplate kit with extended facial coverage in cold conditions.

All standard Airbrake MX goggle SKUs (tear-off configuration only) will retail for $179.95 once released on 15 April, further releases of signature models and iridium lens kits will follow on 1 June and 15 July.

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