Products 8 Feb 2013

Reviewed: 2013 Shift MX Faction gear rides with and rates Shift’s top-line Faction line.

Shift MX has made a massive comeback since 2011 when it joined forces with Australia’s very own Chad Reed, making for one of the most sought-after brands on the market. That’s exactly why we here at were so stoked to have Shift’s 2013 Faction gear to review for our visitors!'s Alex Gobert testing the 2013 Shift MX Faction line. Image: Shayne Rice/Suzuki.’s Alex Gobert testing the 2013 Shift MX Faction line. Image: Shayne Rice/Suzuki.

Technical Information
The 2013 Shift MX Faction jersey has technical polyester and mesh fabrics throughout, which provide both moisture wicking and ventilation for the ultimate in performance.

A multi-panel construction increases ride position articulation, plus the multi-panel collar increases both comfort and performance. A functional, lightweight cuff design is used for an unrestricted feel and reduced arm pump.

Along with all that, a full mesh back panel is featured for maximum ventilation.

As for the Shift MX Faction pants, the 900D main body material provides excellent durability. Aggressively articulated design in the waist and knees conform to the rider while in the riding position.

Dual-Layer leather inner knee panels provide both abrasion and heat resistance, while the knee panel flex zones increase mobility and improve fit over knee braces and guards.

Multiple stretch zones, including a hidden rear flex panel and Lycra insert liner gusset ensure mobility and a contoured fit. Finally, the natural cuff provides extra comfort while tucked into the boot.

You’ll be able to pick up the jersey in Australia for $59.95, while the pants will set you back $189.95 in a very competitive pricing structure for this year on a domestic level.

First up, no doubt my favourite feature of the Faction gear is the ventilation. You can tell it’s well thought out in its design and it’s suitable in both summer and winter. When it comes to air intake, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the flexibility of this jersey.

The pants fit really well too, pretty snug and definitely featuring a ‘racey’ feel. Obviously Chad has had a lot of input into Shift’s gear over the past few years, which shows. In fact, when he’s not wearing his TwoTwo replica line, you can see him wearing this exact gear at times during the season (he was wearing the Blue during practice at A3).

Combined, the tight feel of the gear is mostly comfortable and the flexibility of the knee area makes it easy to fit my Pod MX knee braces beneath without any sort of restrictions.

Style-wise, Shift MX’s clean designs are some of the most popular in the game. They’re appealing for both young and old, with the colourways ranging in a variety that will suit your ride. Shift has brought the simple look back to the forefront, with sharp lines and block colours that we’re massive fans of.

To be honest, the only real negative for me in particular is the fact that the forearms are a bit tighter than what I am used to. I’m not Popeye by any means, but years of riding means that I do have pretty big forearms and the jersey is particularly tight in this region.

It’s not a huge problem and has never actually steered me away from wanting to wear the gear, it’s just something to take into account if you do suffer arm-pump or anything of the type. I personally usually just make sure I stretch it a bit upon putting the jersey on and it’s good to go from there.

This is some of my favourite gear that I have ever had, without question. Comfortable, awesome looking and a brand that’s on the rise, you have to commend the guys at Shift and Chad Reed for bringing the brand back into the spotlight.

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