Products 30 Jan 2013

Asterisk releases brand new Cyto Cell knee brace

Check out this all-new knee brace from Asterisk, available for purchase throughout Australia in February.

McLeod Accessories sent us the following information on this new release from Asterisk:


Asterisk has announced the release of the new Cyto Cell Knee Protection System. The Cyto Cell has been created as more of a price-friendly, entry-level knee brace.

Asterisk has always prided itself on their second-to-none design and actual functional protective features of the original Cell and the flagship Ultra Cell.

The Cyto Cell is based on the same anatomically correct frame and intricate, eight-sphere hinge design found on the Ultra Cell. Asterisk were able to simplify some of the components and reduce costs while maintaining the philosophy and features which are essential to a knee brace.

McLeod Accessories will also double (two years) the 12 month manufacturers warranty and a refurbish service for only $149.00.

This warranty extension is available only with Asterisk Cyto Cell purchased in Australia from an authorized Asterisk stockist – proof of purchase is required.

The Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Protection System will retail for $349.00 each, available at your local authorized Asterisk Dealer from mid February 2013. Head to for more information.