News 17 Jan 2013

The Point: 2013 resolutions chats with six of the country’s best to hear what their resolutions are heading into 2013.

With a new year, comes a new outlook and fresh goals to work toward. For racers, many times it amounts in a new beginning as they press reset on the points tables and gain the opportunity race for titles once again from an equal tally. In this version of The Point on, we hit up six top domestic motocross stars to see what they have in the works for season 2013.

Errol Willis looks to be preparing himself for a possible early exit from the sport. Image: Simon Makker/

Errol Willis looks to be preparing himself for a possible early exit from the sport. Image: Simon Makker/

Tye Simmonds – Berry Sweet/Lucas Oil/Yamaha team
Off the bike: My big resolution this year away from racing is to get off the piss. Last year I was drinking harder than I was training and it was getting out of hand. Now I’ve realised I’ve got to pick my act up and get my shit together. Living with Craig and Katrina Anderson has been a huge help as well. They’re keeping me focused and stopping me from getting led astray.

On the bike:
My main goal is to be 100 percent fit and ready coming into round one of the MX Nationals. Last year I was still scrambling around two weeks out from the series and it hurt my season. This year I want to be ready and I want to win races. If I do those two properly it’ll lead to championships.

Errol Willis – Former Under 19s Australian motocross and supercross champion
Off the bike: In 2013 I want to follow through with some money-making ventures to set myself up for the future. I’m doing my plumbing apprenticeship and driving diggers and excavators, and I’m also getting into buying old cars, doing them up, then selling them on.

On the bike:
If I’m racing I’ll definitely be chasing a minimum of a top five finish in both championships, but I need a team to support me and believe in me like I believe in myself. I feel like 2012 was a great learning year for me, stepping up from MXD a year early and I finished it on the podium. If I don’t get a ride I’m unsure of what I’ll do, but there’s a high chance I’ll leave the sport.

Ford Dale – Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing
Off the Bike: I bought a house in a nice area of Mooloolaba last year, so my main resolution is go hard with the renovations on it, do it up and build a big deck on it. I also bought a 4WD and want to try and get out and surf more on my downtime.

On the bike: Right now my main goal is to get back on the bike as quick as I can. My knee is coming along well after injuring during the supercross season and my off season training has all gone to plan. My ultimate New Years resolution is to win the MX1 class. It’s a stacked field and I think if I can remain consistent, podium at every round and keep my mental game strong, there’s no reason why I can’t win.

Billy Mackenzie is eager to bounce back from a tough 2012 season. Image: Grant Reynolds/FiftySix Clix.

Billy Mackenzie is eager to bounce back from a tough 2012 season. Image: Grant Reynolds/FiftySix Clix.

Matt Moss – Former Australian MX2 motocross and supercross champion
Off the bike: I’ve always been fairly lucky as far as injuries go, and getting hurt at the first round of the supercross was the first injury I’ve picked up in ages. I want to get healthy again and my goal is to pay off my house in two years. While I was in the US I missed out a lot on the past-times I used to enjoy, so I want to get back surfing more in 2013 and catching up on all the things I used to do.

On the bike:
I still haven’t signed with a team yet and I’m waiting to see what happens there. As a result I’m not sure what class I’ll race yet, but whichever I line up for, I’ll definitely be going for the championship. Everything is up in the air at the moment but I’m confident it will all work out.

Kirk Gibbs – KTM Australia
Off the bike: I’d like to have a bit more fun away from racing this year. Obviously my main goal is to ride well and consistent for the team, but I want to have a few more laughs along the way.

On the bike: As long as I stay fit and healthy I definitely want to run within the top five in my first year in MX1. Riding with my new teammate Todd [Waters] has been good as he’s looking really fast and I’m trying to pick up as much speed as I can from him. He has a lot of pressure to either win or go close to winning, but I’m concentrating on myself and staying injury-free this season.

Billy Mackenzie – CDR Yamaha
Off the bike: My resolutions this year are pretty straight forward. I want to eat healthier, enjoy my training more, take up more sports outside of racing, and find new music to listen to.

On the bike: After having the worst season of my career last year my main aim for 2013 is to get back into form, win races and fight for the championship. I feel like I’ve settled into Australia now and I have everything around me to train and ride to my full potential. I want to work my hardest for my new team, they have an insane track record and I want to do everything I can to add to those results.