Features 17 Jan 2013

Rewind: Matt Moss and Suzuki

Will season 2013 see history repeat itself with Matt Moss and Motul Pirelli Suzuki?

The team of Matt Moss and Motul Pirelli Suzuki is a well established one in Australian racing, winning championships together on multiple occasions in the Lites category with the RM-Z250.

Although we saw Moss return to Suzuki during round one of the 2012 Australian Supercross Championships after a couple of seasons at JDR/KTM, he’s been linked all through the silly season as Suzuki’s lead MX1 contender for 2013.

It came as somewhat of a surprise then when Moss confirmed earlier today that he hasn’t actually cemented a deal with Suzuki just yet, the contract still to be finalised if we’re to see him back in yellow this year.

The prospect of seeing Moss back on an RM-Z is an exciting one, certainly a combination that could challenge for the Open-class titles both outdoors and in the stadiums.

Injury cut short their reunion in supercross last year, right after he won the heat race at Dubbo, but no doubt in that short appearance we saw the number 102 back near his best with Suzuki.

Back in 2010, fresh from a season in the US under the guidance of Roger De Coster and as teammate to Ryan Dungey at Suzuki in the AMA, MotoOnline.com.au spoke to Moss about what was then his return to the Jay Foreman-run Suzuki operation.

To read that interview from back then, click this link. Fingers crossed for 2013 Moss and Suzuki can clinch a deal again and we’ll see what he can do with Foreman in his corner once again.

Matt Moss with Motul Pirelli Suzuki during the 2009 season.

Matt Moss with Motul Pirelli Suzuki during the 2009 season.