Products 15 Jan 2013

Husqvarna releasing 2013 125cc two-strokes in Australia

Small-bore two-strokes to be released by Husqvarna in Australia this year.

Paul Feeney Group has announced it will import the CR and WR 125 models:

Husqvarna’s range of 2013 125cc two-strokes will be available in Australia mid-February.

Due to the high demand and requests from customers, the Paul Feeney Group has announced that they will be releasing the Husqvarna 125cc two-stroke enduro and motocross models in Australia for 2013, with first shipments expected to arrive in mid-February.

Husqvarna offers their motocross variant of the 125cc two-stroke CR 125 for an extremely competitive MSRP of just $6795. The 2013 CR125 features a new chassis, modified particularly under the cradle, which is now more streamlined and less obtrusive than the previous version.

The engine mountings are also different, reinforced and with new cylinder head fittings, plus the filter housing is a new design making it more water resistant. Additionally, the CR 125 receives polished hubs and a wave type brake disc.

Customers looking for a street legal 125 2-stroke, the WR 125 is the right choice. The WR 125 is ADR approved and comes with a price tag of MSRP $6995.

WR 125 has had the same technical changes as the motocross version, but in terms of bodywork, the WR 125 has a new number protection system on the headlight, with a new mounting system and new handlebar guards. The engine also features a new muffler, and a new clutch housing.

The control panel has a new display, digital instead of the analogue one mounted on the previous WR model. The cooling system has a thermostat which monitors and optimizes the engine running temperature. The front suspension features a new Kayaba 48mm fork, with adjustable hydraulic brakes.

The CR 125 and WR 125 will line up with the already available 2013 model WR 250 and WR 300 enduro two-strokes. For more information on these models check out