News 7 Jan 2013

The Go: New year evolutions

Expect an enhanced experience with throughout the 2013 season.

Following a relaxed two-week break from the MotoOnline offices (kind of), we’re pumped to return bigger and hopefully better for the 2013 season ahead. If Anaheim 1 was any indication, this year is going to be amazing on all accounts!

Across the past month or so there have been a number of slight revisions made to, mostly with the intention of simplifying the way you operate the website. Many of those revisions come in the navigation bar, as we basically have made the majority of those sections a lot easier to work through.

What we are proud to announce for this year is that we will be increasing the Regulars (right-hand side column on the homepage) posted on the site to a minimum of four per day in 2013 – with even more planned following national race weekends.

Many of our favourite Features will return and some fresh ones will be introduced, while some will be renamed and restructured to suit our new setup. Namely, the MotoInsider column will be re-branded MX Hub (we’re just not real fans of the whole ‘Insider’ status!) and it will be released with a new structure on Wednesday.

Anaheim 1 marked a massive start to the 2013 season over the weekend. Image: Simon Cudby.

Anaheim 1 marked a massive start to the 2013 season over the weekend. Image: Simon Cudby.

The Matthes Report will once again return, however it’ll now be known as The US Report with Steve Matthes (and of course once again presented by our close friends at Fox). Since we are an Aussie site and the MX Hub is based around domestic motocross, we thought it’d be a neat change to make it clearer that Matthes is our guy in America specifically.

Enduro enthusiasts will experience their share as usual with the Off-Road Observations column to be uploaded each and every Tuesday in a continuation of last year.

Some of the new weekly features to be introduced this week are Scoreboard (as seen earlier today), Showcase, In the Press, Rewind and This Weekend. What are they exactly? Well, you’ll have to wait and see as we debut them over the coming days.

As for the old favourites, Profiled, Unplugged, The Point, Top 10, This Month in Digits, Fan of the Week, Fast Thoughts, Five Questions Why and Social Spotlight will be back and refined as well. We’ll also be adding a brand new Where Are They Now feature on a monthly basis.

Never short on content, the Interviews section will remain as is with Catching Up, Race Recap and Industry Insight, plus we have some new columnists to be revealed ahead of the race season.

Bike Tests and Product Reviews will enjoy a greater focus in 2013, as we gain resources and do our best to inform you of the latest equipment available on the market within Australia. Suzuki has also handed us an RM-Z250 to use as this year’s Project Moto!

Adam Spence has taken delivery of a 2013 model Suzuki RM-Z250 for this year. Image: Alex Gobert.

Adam Spence has taken delivery of a 2013 model Suzuki RM-Z250 for this year. Image: Alex Gobert.

The Multimedia area will also be revamped this year, continuing our ongoing relationship with Simon Cudby and Simon Makker – two of the sport’s leading photographers in the US and Australia respectively. Films will be broadcast and we are even working on some surprises in the Multimedia department over the coming months.

One thing we have done is drastically change the way our memberships work, now operating the comments section through DISQUS (you can use your social networking logins for these) and making it so the members of the site will be signing up for a brand new Newsletter system we’ve got in the works.

Speaking of social networking, updates have been made to those visible on the site and the way you can view them (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) via our Connect area throughout the site’s pages.

Once again we thank you for the support and as always for visiting the site, it’s full-throttle ahead for the new year. Welcome to 2013.

Happy new year!