Interviews 29 Nov 2012

Catching Up: Jake Moss catches up with Campbell Mining/Troy Lee Designs/Maxima Racing Honda's Jake Moss.

While Campbell Mining Services Honda privateer Jake Moss achieved his ultimate goal of staying injury-free for a full season, the 24-year-old is hungrier than ever to not just contend for race wins, but to win championships in 2013. caught up with the Gold Coast-based lad to find out what’s been happening and if he’s fielded any team offers for next year.

Jake Moss is a fan of the laid back vibe of his privateer setup. Image: Simon Makker/

First up, Jake, what are your thoughts on how 2012 shaped up for you?

There were a lot of ups and downs. I achieved my main goal of not getting hurt, and now I want to build on that for 2013. I think my third place at Coonabarabran was a big highlight, but then I gave in at Wanneroo and I’ve never done that before. That race, my lack of shoulder strength, and little frustrating crashes throughout the season were the lowlights.

So your shoulder is still giving you trouble after that Germany crash in 2010?

Yeah it’s still really weak. One of the muscles had to get taken out and the rotator cuff isn’t a full cuff and keeps popping out. It doesn’t hurt, but I can only lift 2kg above my head with it at the moment. I think that contributed to getting arm-pump through the Australian Supercross Championship too. I’m working hard with Dr Steve Andrews and my trainer Dan Reardon to build its strength before the 2013 season starts.

How’s it going with Dan?

It’s been the best decision I could’ve made. My team manager Dave Campbell is really self-motivated and trains hard, and seemed to think I needed to do it like he does. But I struggled with his methods. I’ve had a lot of trainers in the past and I haven’t seen anyone who matches the passion he does to push his athletes to their best. His workouts are so varied and that keeps the fun factor going.

Nice. After a solid year behind the grips, have you received any interest from teams for 2013?

Yeah we’re talking to a couple of guys. I’m good mates with Kenny from Brisbane KTM and I get on really well with [Motul Pirelli Suzuki team manager] Jay Foreman. We haven’t received any information from Honda at all, which sucks because I love their bike. I think we’ll change things for next year where we’ll be more organised and take the pressure off.

That sounds fairly cryptic. Will you still operate under a Campbell Mining Services quickshade?

I’ll always be a Campbell Mining rider, whether it’s under a truck or if we’re doing our own thing. I don’t know exactly what we’ll do yet, but for the MX Nationals I’ll probably still operate out of the Campbell Mining quickshade. I love laid-back vibe. I don’t miss having people barging through a semi truck wanting your autograph between races.

It seems likely that we will see Jake Moss switching brands for 2013. Image: Simon Makker/

It sounds like you’re enjoying your time as a privateer. Apart from the obvious perks of being a factory rider, do you think it’s had any other disadvantages?

I think the only thing we missed out on was suspension testing. We did a bit with MPE on the Sunshine Coast, but they’re flat out, so our testing was limited. I would’ve loved to have tested the suspension with different tyres and set-ups, but we didn’t have time for it.

Apart from that, the only other difference is that our team this year felt like a family. The only team I’ve experienced a similar feel with is Jay Foreman’s Suzuki team. All the other teams treat everything as a job, but I feel Jay really cares about you as a person.

A lot of managers get angry straight away if you have a bad result. I mean, I’ve raced professionally for almost eight years so I know when I’ve done something wrong; the last thing you need is someone yelling in your face. Jay’s different – he’ll leave you alone and will call you a week later to ask what happened and how you’re feeling. If there’s one race team manager I admire, it’s him.

Awesome. What are your plans for the off-season?

I’m working on a massive eight-week bulking-up session now and only doing a bit of riding to keep my basics up. I’d like to go to the US and do some training there, then come back fighting fit for the MX Nationals.

Will you hit any rounds of the AMA supercross while you’re in the States?

Initially I was planning to, but after the MRIs on my shoulder I just want to get – and keep – that as strong as possible. The last thing I want to do is crash on it and wreck it again.

I need to win next year, both for myself and my career. If I don’t win I can’t see myself going much further in motocross. I hate coming second and if I’m fit and am getting beaten fair and square, I’m not going to waste other people’s time, money and effort that they’re investing in me. This is my first off-season that I’ve put my arse into gear and am already preparing for a championship. I’m pretty hungry right now.

Damn straight you are! Thanks for the chat, bud. Can’t wait to see you come out firing next year.

Thanks mate. Speak soon.