Interviews 1 Nov 2012

Race Recap: Gavin Faith checks-in with Gavin Faith after his second consecutive ASX SX Lites victory at Phillip Island.

Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing’s US import Gavin Faith certainly seems to have stepped up his game since he was here 12 months ago.

After finishing the 2011 series in second place behind Matt Moss, Faith has won both of the first two rounds of the 2012 Terex Australian Supercross Championships and has cemented himself as the man to beat at the midway point of the season. caught up with Faith after his second-round win at Phillip Island to see what’s crackin’.

Gavin Faith has swept rounds one and two of the 2012 Terex Australian Supercross Championships in the SX Lites class. Image: Simon Makker/

Well, Gavin, another day and another win for you in Australia. How was it out there?

It was a good day for sure. I started off a little rough in practice, but once the gate dropped in the Main I managed to pull it all together and come away with my second win in as many races. I couldn’t ask for a better start to the championship.

I was pumped with how the event was run alongside the MotoGP too. The crowd was really into it and there was a great vibe all day in both the pits and when we were out on the track. Yarrive [Konsky] has done a great job considering the short timeframe he had to bring it all together.

What do you think of the shorter, tighter track? Was it tough to pass or make up ground?

It was really tight out there – a lot tighter than what I’m used to and the lap times were only around the 35-36-second mark. In supercross the starts are always key, but even moreso when the track is as short as this. The lack of any real rhythm sections also meant it was hard to make up ground of the guys in front, or, when you’re out front, it was hard to pull away.

I focused on getting the holeshot then riding my own race up front. I didn’t see the big crash at the start of the main, as it happened right behind me. I was pretty glad I didn’t get caught up in that.

Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Napoleon Dynamite?

Are you kidding? Did Lee (Faith’s mechanic) put you up to this? Someone told me that the other day and it was the first I’d heard of it.

I swear I haven’t talked to Lee, but there seems to be a recurring theme running through here.

Man, I don’t know. That’s weird you brought that up. I’m gonna start getting a complex [laughs].

Faith will be contesting the 2013 AMA Supercross East Coast Lites series aboard a MotoConcepts backed ride. Image: Simon Makker/"

[Laughs] all good, mate. So what’s your plan for the next couple of weeks before Toowoomba?

I’m just going to try and maintain where I’m at, as it seems to be working pretty good for me. I’ll go back to the Melross’s place in Young, NSW, put my head down and keep practising at his track. He’s got a great practice set-up and his Mum makes great dinners.

She brings out five course meals every night. It’s awesome. I want to eat healthy, but at the same time you don’t need to worry about putting on weight when you’re burning so many calories during the day.

Sounds like you’re living the dream! You’ve been out here for a few weeks now; are you missing the States at all?

A little. I’ll be excited to get back to MTF [Millsaps Training Facility] in Georgia when this series has wrapped up. I’ve had a great time out here, but there’s no place like home.

What are you plans for next year?

I’ll be riding the East Coast Lites championship for MotoConcepts. I can’t say what bike I’ll be riding as it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

No worries, thanks man. Enjoy those dinners and your last few weeks in Australia.

No problem! See you at Toowoomba.