Products 24 Oct 2012

Shane Watts releases Volume 3 and 4 DirtWise DVDs

Shane Watts' DirtWise Volume 3 and 4 DVD's are now available for purchase.

Shane Watts and DirtWise Riding schools sent us the following information on their latest DVD releases:

Shane Watts and the DirtWise Riding schools have just released volume the and four of the DirtWise In-Depth Instructional DVD series.

These latest two videos complete the series and are by far the best offroad Instructional DVDs produced.

“I am so stoked with how awesome both of these Instructional DVDs turned out,” said Watts. “We have been able to provide the highest level of instruction and demonstration for all situations relating to Wheelies, Logs, Rocks, and Water Crossings (volume three) and also for Hills, Ravines, Switchbacks, and Offcamber trails (volume four).

“We filmed at some totally epic riding locations that really complement the learning experience and will have everyone wanting to get out on the trails and go roosting!”

Check out the trailers for these DirtWise DVDs below:

Volume three teaser:

Volume four teaser:

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