Products 21 Sep 2012

2013 model Beta RR Enduro range breaks cover

Check out Beta's 2013 RR enduro range available soon in Australia.

Beta Motorcycles Australia sent us the following information on their 2013 enduro models:

Available in four engine displacements 350cc, 400cc, 450cc and 498cc, the RR Enduro 4T 2013 have been developed focusing on weight reduction, improved ergonomics and ease of handling under race conditions.

The engines have been improved by a series of local details aimed to improve the already excellent reputation for reliability and performance.

The final result is a bike that is one of the lightest in its class, with an excellent riding position appreciated by both racers and hobby riders who will benefit from special Beta handling and stability, in addition to the exceptional performance.

There are some significant changes in an effort to lighten the bikes a little – in particular the unsprung weight. The fuel tank is also new to give a lower centre of gravity and thus new rad shrouds and a new seat.

The introduction of new 2 stroke engines in the RR Enduro range is one of the highlights of the history of Beta, after the return to the Enduro category in 2004 and the introduction of the 4-stroke engine “made in Beta” in 2009.

These engines are the result of a work that lasted more than 24 months, they were completely designed by Beta and represent a new benchmark in terms of technology, layout and performance of a 2-stroke Enduro engine.

Available in 250cc and 300cc displacements, they are manufactured, assembled and tested in-house, to ensure their quality and performance.

Lightweight and equipped with the latest generation of technical solutions, they are characterized by very smooth and linear power delivery as well as a reference top power.

The chassis of the RR Enduro 2T has a dedicated frame with optimized geometry for the different characteristics of the bike compared to the 4T version. The suspension has a specific setting while swingarm, wheels, brakes and bodywork is shared with the 4T range.

The bikes are characterized by a now-famous Beta behavior, they are easy to ride thanks to extreme tractability of the engine and the very low weight.

The bike’s performance allow riders to compete at the highest levels, benefiting from a proven and improved chassis combined with an engine that is not only reliable and powerful, but also easy to use in extreme conditions.

Estimated time of arrival in Australia for the four-stroke range is early November, whilst the two-stroke range is expected to land on our shores early December.

Pricing is still being finalized but it is anticipated they will come in very close to the 2012 pricing. For more information check out