Features 19 Sep 2012

Top 10: MX Nationals personalities in 2012

MotoOnline.com.au names the 10 most interesting and entertaining stars of Australian Motocross.

Personalities are one of the greatest aspects of sport. They create interest and, just like most cheer on specific bike brands, fans also find themselves aligning with individual athletes. Not only is it important for the athletes individually, but also for the sport, because when fans feel connected with the stars, they of course keep an even closer eye on the competition carried out on any given race weekend.

So with that said, the MotoOnline.com.au team has pieced together a list of the top 10 personalities exposed during this year’s MX Nationals series. There are many more, of course, but this is our top 10 for various reasons noted throughout.

When Josh Cachia speaks, you should listen. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

Josh Cachia – JDR/KTM Factory Racing
The JDR/KTM rider’s mind-blowing podium speeches have been classic in 2012, saying it how it is and even having the odd on-track incident to match (really, who doesn’t love a bit of biff?). Cachia is quality when it comes to being himself no matter the situation, and that’s one reason why we here always look forward to tracking him down for an interview. He’s one who talks the talk in his own way and has ability to burn.

Ben Townley – Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing
On the surface, BT is a guy with plenty of desire to exceed in this sport. Motivation is high, he’s already a world chamopion, and his work ethic is unmatched, however when you scratch beneath the surface and the pressure is off, he loves nothing more than to bench race and share a few jokes (usually on AG!). The arrival of Townley in Australia is nothing but positive for the MX Nationals globally and we can’t wait to see him for a full campaign in 2013.

At the ripe age of just 21 years old, Todd Waters handles himself like a seasoned vet. Image: Simon Makker/Makkreative.com.

Todd Waters – Motul Pirelli Suzuki
An all-round nice guy, Waters is the type of rider that fans can have a conversation with and he’ll engage like he’s known them for years. Just 21 years old and already one of the sport’s top dogs in Australia, his success hasn’t gone to his head one bit. On top of that, he’s got an intelligent head underneath that ONE Industries helmet as well!

Kade Mosig – Monster Energy Kawasaki
Quite possibly the most successful playboy of Australian motocross (and there are many of them!), Mosig is a great fit for his lifestyle-type sponsors such as Monster Energy and Unit due to his marketability. But don’t mistake his good looks and easy-going ways off track for a lack of motivation, because the Victorian wants to win and travels all over the country training and practicing in a bid to try and make his dream a reality.

Don't let the looks fool you, Kade Mosig is all business on the track.

Billy Mackenzie – Monster Energy Kawasaki
There’s something about this determined Scotsman that’s intimidating, even if we do bump into him on most race weekends. Based at Byron Bay and experiencing the travelling tourist lifestyle, Mackenzie is one of the most unique men in motocross worldwide. His talent is unquestionable and he has results to back it up, but if you ever get the rare chance, take time to stop by Monster Energy Kawi and chat to BillyMac. His individual ways might just draw you in.

Tye Simmonds – Red Bull/Honda/Simmonds Racing
From the outback of Bourke and a typically laidback country boy, Simmonds is one of the coolest cats in the sport. Approachable, young and downright fast on the bike, Simmonds has been bred to race at the top level from a very young age. Once he puts the pieces together once and for all over the course of a full season in the pro ranks, this 20-year-old will forever be a fan favourite.

Tye Simmonds is one of the most likeable characters in the sport.

Jay Marmont – Monster Energy Kawasaki
As a seven-time Australian champion in supercross and motocross combined, Marmont has etched himself in history as the people’s champion with more heart than anybody else in the sport. Not one to ride on talent alone, Marmont works his butt off and his ability to lay it down when the going gets tough has moto fans nationwide in awe. He’s focused and quiet on race days, yet his autograph line has long been the longest when it comes to domestic regulars.

Daniel McCoy – CDR Yamaha
The 65 may not be in contention to win every weekend outdoors (supercross is a whole different story), but the silky on-bike style of DMC is one that fans have admired over the years. McCoy’s ridden for plenty of teams and is another who keeps to himself on race weekends, but social networking popularity shows that his style, ink and unique way of expressing himself (usually in black gear!) has paid off when it comes to gaining a following.

Dan McCoy is a unique character, with his signature style recognisable on and off track. Image: Adam Riemann.

Errol Willis – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki
After dominating the Under 19s last year, Raceline Pirelli Suzuki’s rising star could have been accused of being over-confident with his first class celebrations. But look closer and you’ll see that it’s pure joy for Willis when he wins, and he’s a teenager who simply loves holding the throttle wide-open in search of success. He’s tamed it down this year as he finds his feet in MX2, but we can’t wait to see him back to his best when experience counts in upcoming seasons.

Adam Monea – Zero Seven Motorsports
This year was a breakout season for Lil Monz, winning races and standing on the podium as part of the fresh new Zero Seven Motorsports program in MX2. On the brink of retirement in recent years, a rejuvenated Monea bounced back and displayed his front-running potential for all to see. He’s admittedly calmed himself down in his comeback, but it’s always good to see a rider display his emotion when results come their way – exactly what Adam does and why he makes our top 10.