Features 18 Sep 2012

Social Spotlight: Tye Simmonds

MotoOnline.com.au speaks to the Honda/Red Bull/Simmonds Racing rider about a recent Facebook post.

In the Social Spotlight feature on MotoOnline.com.au where we speak to Australia’s leading motocross riders about their social networking posts, we spoke to Tye Simmonds about this recent Facebook post.

Facebook: Tye Simmonds
Alright here it is. If u had a chance to ride one of these bikes for the day which one would u pick ??

I came here on Saturday since McCoy and I have gotten on so well over the years, we’ve been back and forth riding at eachother’s places, and have a good, friendly relationship. I’ve been here for the week, riding supercross together and trying to get faster together. The picture I posted was more for the fans, because there had been a bit of uncertainty since I got injured during motocross, that I’m doing this and doing that. It was just to give back to the fans, let them know I’m back. In between the motos, me, DMC and Clarkey were talking a bit of crap about what bike’s the best and cleary my Honda won, so I was happy as. It was more just for the fans, give them something to do and make them feel a part of it all.