Interviews 11 Sep 2012

Catching Up: Dan McCoy

CDR Yamaha’s newest signing speaks out about his surprise switch for supercross.

Current Australian Supercross number three Dan McCoy revealed late last week that he’d clinched a deal with CDR Yamaha for the upcoming Australian Supercross Championship, joining Lawson Bopping in the defending champion team.

The combination of McCoy and Bopping will be all-new for CDR come supercross 2012, however both won races during last season’s campaign. For McCoy, it’s a return to the factory ranks, certain to benefit from the team structure and resources required to be successful at the top level of the sport. called the 28-year-old this afternoon to speak about his surprise deal and to find out just how well his preparation is going in week one on the CDR Yamaha YZ450F.

Dan McCoy was third in last year's Australian Supercross Championships. Image: Sport the Library.

The big news is that you will be riding for CDR Yamaha in the Australian Supercross Championships. It’s the number one team in the sport right now, so it must be a really exciting time for you.

Yeah, it’s definitely a great opportunity to ride for the most professional team in the pits. I’ve been trying to achieve decent results this year, but the professionalism that I’ve dealt with hasn’t been up top standard and it’s been hard to get the results that I want. I’ve obviously got the tools that I need to get the job done [for supercross], so I’m excited and can’t wait.

We knew all along that Josh Coppins would be retiring at the end of the nationals and also that supercross is your strong point. So how did it come about, for you to be joining Craig Dack’s team alongside Lawson Bopping?

Well after last year, I spoke to Dacka about what his plans were for a second rider this year. He had his eyes set on Lawson, but he said to me that he wasn’t sure about a second supercross rider, so depending on what I was doing, we could talk and maybe make something happen.

It started from last year’s supercross season, and then this year we got talking again. There was obviously the rumour there that we were talking, then before we knew it, it was a done deal.

You’ve taken delivery of the YZ450F, which is the defending champion bike in supercross. How are your initial impressions of the bike?

Yeah, the geometry of the bike I really, really like. It’s well balanced and today was my fifth day on the bike, so I haven’t actually had a heap of time on it. But yeah, I’ve adapted really quickly after starting with Jay [Marmont’s] settings.

We’re two totally different riders, so there is a lot to change from gearing to suspension, just to suit my riding style. But I’m definitely at a good starting point and it’s something that I won’t take too much time at all to be 100 percent comfortable.

CDR Yamaha is going to have to find somebody fulltime next year to replace Coppins on the team. Your deal only consists of supercross for this year at the moment, so as far as next year goes, is your plan to try to do your best in supercross and keep your fingers crossed for 2013?

For sure. Anybody in this sport would love to be on CDR Yamaha and have that opportunity, them being such a professional team and also Dacka winning the last five motocross and last year’s supercross title. It’s the team you set your eyes on to get the best results.

Where I’m at in the sport with my career, I really want to win, I have more determination and motivation still there. Sometimes I wonder why, because how hard it’s been at times, but I love the sport so much and what I do. I definitely want to get a good ride for next year, if it’s somehow with CDR or another team.

I have been speaking to other teams, so there’s a possibility that something could come up, and hopefully I won’t be left with nothing if I do well in supercross.

Supercross has long been a strong point of McCoy's career. Image: Simon Makker/

You’ve already ridden for CDR Yamaha back in 2004 and have now come full circle in some ways. You’re more experienced now, although even back then you were strong at supercross. Are you sort of pinching yourself at the minute, thinking this all seems familiar?

Yeah, it was sort of funny turning up at Dacka’s workshop the other day. Nothing’s changed really since 2004, it was all the same pretty much, which I think is a good thing. It’s like a second chance, you could say.

Dacka is there and also Gary Benn, although there are different mechanics. All the surroundings are the same, but from what I could see just being there for an hour, the professionalism has become even higher. So yeah, like I say, I just can’t wait to get racing.

You were third in the championship last year, held the red plate at the Campbelltown round following your win in Wollongong. Despite the short preparation time you’ll have with CDR, this could be your time to step up and win the championship, couldn’t it?

Definitely. The way I’m feeling on the bike so far, the resources that the team has to make the bike suit me, I’m super-confident that I can do a good job and get race wins. I’m in the perfect situation to do it, I have everything I need, so I just have to get it done.