Features 7 Sep 2012

Social Spotlight: Dan McCoy

MotoOnline.com.au goes in-depth with the CDR Yamaha's newest recruit about his recent Instagram post.

In the Social Spotlight feature on MotoOnline.com.au where we speak to Australia’s leading motocross riders about their social networking posts, we tracked down Dan McCoy to find out more about the following Instagram image of him with his CDR Yamaha for the upcoming 2012 Australian Supercross Championship.

Instagram: dmc_65
It’s true. CDR SX 2012 #yamaha #cdr #pumped

Dacka [Craig Dack] was obviously looking for another rider for supercross with Josh [Coppins] not doing supercross. We got talking, one thing led to another and just made sure it was alright with all of the sponsors, before I knew it I drove down to Melbourne the other day and picked up a bike and yeah, good to go. It’s just supercross at this stage and obviously I’d hope for something more, but you know, I need to obviously try and do the best I can in this championship to even get a look at for full-time or anywhere else. My goals are obviously to be 100 percent focus on what I have at hand, and hopefully one thing will lead to another.