Products 8 Aug 2012

Husaberg’s new-look 2013 enduro range breaks cover

Swedish manufacturer adds 250 four-stroke and more to expanded KTM-based range.

Swedish brand Husaberg has released details on its 2013 enduro range in Europe this week, including a 250cc four-stroke for the first time ever.

The manufacturer’s latest models are closely based on KTM’s off-road range, however there are a number of key revisions including Husaberg’s customary blue bodywork and unique styling, a plastic subframe, D.I.D wheels and the all-new WP closed-cartridge fork with patented four-chamber technology.

Husaberg is currently launching the models in Europe this week, and expects to test the range upon arrival in Australia later this year. Stay tuned!

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FE 250

Because less sometimes really does mean more. The Husaberg FE 250 is a lightweight four-stroke model, excelling with direct, spontaneous power development and outstanding traction. Sandy ground? No problem at all with this little powerhouse. The power developed by the compact DOHC engine with modern fuel injection is released evenly throughout the rev range. Propelling you ever onwards.

FE 350

A Swedish enduro machine runs more precisely than a Swiss watch. And precisely this is reflected in the performance of the FE 350. Thanks to compact engine dimensions and reduced rotating masses, the FE 350 impresses with its playful handling. The longer the ride goes on, the more riders benefit from the combination of spontaneous engine characteristics, low weight and pure ridability – no matter whether they’re a pro or a beginner.

FE 450

Such moments actually exist, when you know you’ve come further than ever before. This is when you realise that you’ve surpassed your limits and nothing will ever be the same again. That’s what it feels like ploughing through the undergrowth, arriving at lonely mountain tops and surviving big drops on an FE 450, where the unenlightened feel fear and foreboding. Even Swedes are emotional then, only they don’t show it, of course.

FE 501

What can you say about a bike that bears the name Husaberg FE 501? How powerful it is? Hardly. But perhaps we should mention the fact that the bike also has an incredibly low weight of just 111 kilograms. This makes everything all the more awe-inspiring.

TE 125

The TE 125 may be the smallest Husaberg, but by no means should you underestimate it. The bike is perfectly suited to young and young-at-heart enduro aces. The Husaberg converts its weight advantage into an unbeatable lead in the E1 class. And its excellent performance is renowned beyond the borders of Sweden. So if you have anything big in mind, then here’s the first step.

TE 250

It doesn’t always need to be a four-stroke. The TE 250 is an established force in the E2 class, the most hotly contested class in enduro sport. And because ‘good’ is by no means good enough at Husaberg, the bike also offers more direct power development, intensified performance and a completely new chassis. Combine that with the standard six-speed transmission and an electric starter, and you have a bike that will definitely get you where you want to go. Wherever that may be.

TE 300

Even from a distance, you can tell it’s a Husaberg TE 300. The characteristic sound echoes through the forests and speeds through the tundra. The bike can simply be described as two-stroke madness. Low weight combined with brutal power and unsurpassed spontaneity. As right and proper for a Husaberg, the TE 300 is worth its weight in gold in rough terrain.