Products 8 Aug 2012

Billet SPP Brake Pedal range released by Serco

Check out the all-new SPP Billet Brake Pedal range now available from Serco.

Serco sent us the following information on their all-new brake pedal range:

The SPP Billet Brake Pedal comes equipped with a removable anodised tip, along with a 'brake snake' setup to prevent damage to your pedal.

The SPP Billet Brake Pedal is available for the following models:

CRF250 2005-2012: RED
CRF450 2005-2012: RED

KX250F 2005-2012: BLUE
KX450F 2006-2012: BLUE

RMZ250 2007-2012: RED
RMZ450 2008-2012: RED

YZ250F 2010-2012: BLUE
YZ450F 2010-2012: BLUE

KTM 125-530 2008-2013: ORANGE

Note that the KTM brake pedal utilises a bearing style pivot, while all other models use a bush.

The SPP Billet Brake pedal retails for $99.95. For more information on this all-new product, head over to