News 7 Aug 2012

Off-Road Observer: 31

Alex Gobert focuses on the world of off-road, presented by Yamaha's 2012 WR450F.

You may remember when we launched the Off-Road Observer column here on, Adam Riemann was delivering some great insights from his perspective as a long-time test guru and established rider in enduro.

Earlier this year, Riemann went off to India to ride a 150cc Hero through the Himalayas with his old man, making for a lifelong experience that I’m sure he will never forget. Since his arrival home, Adam pieced together this clip of his experience, which is both a nice video and awesome tale of just what type of riding is out there on this planet.

Riemann will be back in a series of further guest Off-Road Observers and also other random features on the site during the coming months, but for now, take a look at this piece of magic that he created. It’s always cool to have some of the best contributors writing for MotoOnline and needless to say, Riemann is definitely one of them.