Products 6 Aug 2012

Moto Tassinari’s AIR4ORCE available through GAS Imports

Check out the Moto Tassinari AIR4ORCE tunable intake system, now available from GAS Imports.

Gas Imports sent us the following information on the Moto Tassinari AIRFORCE tunable intake:

The AIR4ORCE is a tunable intake system via interchangeable velocity stacks, that completely replaces your stock air boot.

First it creates more horsepower due to the larger air volume, and it allows the user to change the power characteristics to suit track conditions and rider preference.

Depending on the chosen velocity stack installed in the AIR4ORCE you will gain better throttle response and bottom and mid-range power (with longer velocity stack), or better throttle response and mid-range to top (with the shorter velocity stack installed).

The most unique feature of the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system is the ability to fine-tune the power delivery via interchangeable velocity stacks.

A velocity stack is a device of differing lengths which is fitted to the air entry of an engine’s intake system, carburetor or fuel injection.

It is designed to allow smooth and even entry of air at high velocities into the intake tract with the flow stream adhering to the pipe walls.

Modify the dynamic tuning range of the intake tract by functioning as a resonating pipe which can adjust the frequency of pressure pulses, based on its length, within the tract.

To install your AIRFORCE intake you will need to remove your subframe (using directions provided in your motorcycle manufacturer’s owners manual), remove the rubber boot between your airbox and carburetor throttle body, and replace with the AIR4ORCE.

Included with the AIR4ORCE intake will be a Moto Tassinari product line brochure, Moto Tassinari and AIR4ORCE decals, detailed installation instructions, two velocity stacks, AIR4ORCE tunable intake system hose clamps and gaskets where necessary.

The AIR4ORCE system is currently used by teams such as Honda Muscle Milk, Monster Energy Kawasaki USA, Factory Kawasaki Europe (MX1), Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki (450), GEICO Honda and Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda to name a few.

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