Products 19 Jul 2012

RHINO Seal Doctor prevents and cures leaky fork seals

Check out the all-new Seal Doctor product produced by RHINO.

RHINO sent us the following information on their innovative Seal Doctor product:

Ever had leaky fork seals? In almost all cases, leaky or ‘blown’ seals are actually caused by dirt which gets pushed into the seal and trapped while riding. The RHINO Seal Doctor is an amazing innovation designed to stop fork seals leaking by removing that dirt, and it only takes seconds!

Just remove the Seal Doctor from the toolbox safe holder, prise down your dust seal, snap it on the fork leg and twist. Save hundreds of dollars and hours of down time for you and your bike.

The Seal Doctor was developed to simply and accurately clean the entire inside of the seal without removing any fork guards and without damaging the seals.

It can be used at the race track, in your workshop, or on the side of the road, and repairs a leaking seal in seconds.

It has a strong tool-box safe holder to protect the scraping tip. There is a larger version which fits all full sized USD forks and a smaller 80cc version for smaller diameter forks.

The Seal Doctor is distributed by Ballards Off Road at a RRP of $29.95. Call Ballards on 02 4731 1210.

Visit for more information on the Seal Doctor and other RHINO products, dealer enquiries are also welcome.