Features 18 Jul 2012

Social Spotlight: Errol Willis

MotoOnline.com.au goes in-depth with the current MXD champion about his recent Instagram post.

In the brand new feature on MotoOnline.com.au where we speak to Australia’s leading motocross riders about their social networking posts, we track down Errol Willis to find out more about the following Instagram image of him training at home.

Instagram: willis283
Morning sprints went well #feelinggoodagain #intense #moto

That picture I put up on Instagram, that was just from when I was doing some sprints the other day at the track next to my house. It’s a short track, about 50 seconds, but a good lap the other day was about 48. I feel like I’ve lost my speed recently, so I’ve gone back to doing sprints now and am trying to get a lot faster. That day I dropped a second and a half from the start of the day to the end of the day and just felt like a completely different rider. That was only this week, so I’m really looking forward to the next couple of rounds, doing some more sprints leading up to the next rounds and hopefully I want to stand on top of that box somewhere during the season.