News 29 Jun 2012

Harrison to sit out Hervey Bay round of MX Nationals

JDR/KTM Factory Racing's Brenden Harrison will sit out this weekend's sixth round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Hervey Bay.

Brenden Harrison will delay his return to the MX Nationals for at least one more round. Image: Simon Makker/

JDR/KTM Factory Racing’s Brenden Harrison will sit out this weekend’s sixth round of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Hervey Bay.

The Queenslander will attend the round, however recent delays in his recovery from pre-season leg surgery have prompted the team to have his rest one more round.

The 22-year-old plans to ease his way back into racing at Horsham’s round seven next month, in a bid to gain vital seat time in race conditions before preparing for Australian Supercross.

“The team just wants me to be 100 percent for supercross and there’s no point rushing back, so one more round’s not going to hurt,” Harrison said. “When I come back I should be pretty close to where I want.

“The reason I want to come back is because I want to get race practice in. When you come back you’re not going to be exactly where you want to be, so I kind of want to use this as a warm-up for supercross.

“Everyone is fast right now, so I just want to get that race intensity back as well.”

Harrison recently rode the Queensland state motocross championships, picking up a number of moto wins during the round and taking second overall at Gum Valley.

Last month he also won a club event at the Hervey Bay circuit, where the nationals will be held this weekend.