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Cytomax products available through Pro Athlete Fitness

Cytomax performance drink available in Australia through Pro Athlete Fitness.

Pro Athlete Fitness sent us the following information on Cytomax:

A lactic acid buffer sports performance drink for a different brand of athletes proven to sustain energy, build stamina and achieve superior results.

CytoSport believes with sports as tough as motocross, supercross, MTB and cycling, you need a sports performance drink as tough as you that is free of banned sports substance and caffeine.

Cytomax Benefits:
Beats the Burn – Exclusive to Cytomax products Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ buffers acid production in your muscles, reducing the lactic acid build up/burn during intense training and minimizing during and post-exercise muscle soreness

Steady Energy – Complex carbohydrates stabilize blood sugar during exercise with no sugar crash

Muscle Power Output – Enhances the ability for high intensity energy production after prolonged exercise (at the end when it counts most!)

Blood Glucose Homeostasis – The ingredients in Cytomax help maintain blood metabolites in the optimal range

Cell Protection – Antioxidants prevent exercise-induced free radical damage to muscle cells

Cellular Balance – Electrolytes ensure cellular nutrient balance is restored quickly after exercise

During university studys, the Alpha-L-Polylactate found in Cytomax was shown to provide energy three times faster and three times more efficiently than glucose. This allowed athletes competing in a long hard ride (90 minutes at 65 percent VO2max) to sprint 22 percent longer on Cytomax than when consuming another popular sport drink.

Cytomax Uses:
Before – Begin using Cytomax Performance Drink 15-30 minutes before training for quick, effective hydration, acid buffering and optimum levels of performance

During – Use Cytomax Performance Drink continually during exercise (650ml/hour) to ensure proper hydration/electrolyte replenishment and optimum levels of performance

After – Continue using Cytomax Performance Drink immediately post training to ensure glycogen restoration, electrolyte balance and to reduce post exercise cramping

Used by top athletes around the world.

0.70kg (32 Servings), 2.1kg (92 Servings)

Tropical Fruit, Grape, Orange, Citrus Lemon

Available from Pro Athlete Fitness. For additional information, phone 1300 895 930 or visit