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Pirelli releases all-new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyre

Pirelli presents its new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyre to Australian riders.

Link International sent us the following information on Pirelli’s new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyre:

Pirelli's Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 is new to the range for 2012.

The new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyre from Pirelli promises improved traction and power delivery in mid-hard terrain, plus the addition of a new, lightweight 110/85-19 size for 250cc four-strokes for improved handling and agility.

Pirelli presents its new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tyre to Australian riders during the mid-season break of the Monster Energy MX Nationals series.

With 56 Motocross World Championships already to its credit, and as the championship winner in the 2011 MX Nationals Pro Lites championship (Matt Moss-JDR KTM) and Unders 19s championship (Errol Willis- Raceline Pirelli Suzuki) in Australia, the success of the Scorpion MX product range is unquestioned, and continues with the performance increases brought about by the new MX Mid Hard 554.

The MX Mid Hard 554 replaces the MX Mid Hard 454, as Pirelli’s motocross racing tyre for maximum performance on mid-hard terrain.

The newest addition to the Scorpion MX range, the Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 is a motocross racing tyre with new tread patterns for maximum performance on mid-hard terrain, with a higher level of traction available as conditions become more hard-packed during a race.

The tyre performs at its best on intermediate surfaces such as grass or dry ground and medium-hard compact dirt and stones, conditions often experienced at every day off-road tracks.

Its increased performance consistency over long races, a new dedicated compound with outstanding grip to control sliding, and a special linked layout to resist knob tearing all represent major improvements over the existing Scorpion MX Mid Hard 454 which it replaces.

The front tyre’s tread is made of stiff but slightly spaced central blocks for heavy braking on dry ground, middle and side blocks reinforced with bridges to support lateral forces in turns and for maintaining the optimum line, while slight depressions have been applied to the knob surfaces to increase the number of working edges for better grip on hard terrain.

The rear tyre’s tread features a layout optimized to increase the knobs’ contact area for more traction, new links (or bridges) which connect many of the knobs at their base for increased tread stiffness and stability of the footprint’s shape under heavy lateral forces, and an angle of the knob walls that prevents tearing resistance on hard ground and during hard landings.

The compound of the Mid Hard 554 uses a new blend of synthetic polymers with the latest generation of resins and heat stabilizers to guarantee increased grip on hard terrain, balanced by a consistent performance in longer races.

This is then combined with natural rubber and silica for a very robust compound, capable of transferring power to the ground without overheating or losing knob stiffness at high temperatures. The resistance and firmness of the compound permits extended use on mid-hard terrain, consistent wear and minimises knob tearing.

The Mid Hard 554 tyre structure is characterized by a multi-ply carcass offering maximum flexibility for absorption of forces during jumps and over bumps, an appropriate strength and stability to endure fatigue and deformations during landings.

Weight of the tyre has been reduced to improve handling and agility by lowering the overall unsprung mass with a large, even contact area to maximize traction and braking.

Along with 110/90-19 and 120/80-19 rear sizes, a new and innovative 110/85-19 size rear MX Mid Hard 554 tyre has been specifically developed for MX2 races and 250cc four-stroke engines, where a 10 percent reduction of unsprung mass brings improved handling by decreasing inertial forces.

This new size is in line with the latest MX trends and developments with attention to weight reduction as a primary way of improving agility and acceleration, allowing superior performance for the less powerful 250cc four-stroke MX bikes.

Compared to the existing 110/90-19, the new size brings a reduction of rotating mass that provides improved handling and agility in jumps, and requires less damping on landings. The tyre’s 110 millimetre width and the new tread pattern maximise grip levels and traction on mid-hard terrain.

The new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 is available in the following sizes:



Pricing for front tyres start at $99, with rear prices starting at $119.

As part of the Pirelli Scorpion MX ‘you deserve something extra’ promotion, every rider who purchases Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 from their local dealer from now until the end of September will receive a complimentary Pirelli smart phone screen cleaner free with their tyre, to keep the dust off their phone while at the track.

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