Features 13 Jun 2012

Five Questions Why: Dan Reardon

MotoOnline.com.au puts former national champ Reardon to the test with Five Questions Why.

Queenslander Dan Reardon has had a solid career in motocross, both here in Australia and also in the U.S. As a multiple-time Australian champion, Reardon is regarded as one of the greats on a domestic level.

Now part of the JDR/KTM Factory Racing team as their lone MX1 rider in the MX Nationals and upcoming supercross series, Reardon continues his battle to put the 450 SX-F up front where he belongs.

MotoOnline.com.au caught up with him today to ask five random questions, beginning with Why.

Dan Reardon in action at the Coonabarabran round of the MX Nationals. Image: Simon Makker.

Why was 2007 such a strong season for you?

I think was strong because at a younger age, with so many aspirations and dreams to become something, you do whatever it takes to get there. I think that pretty much sums it up, why it was so strong.

Why have the MX Nationals been so popular in 2012?

It has to do with time, you know. You look back and, even though motocross isn’t considered a mainstream sport, the guys that ride the bikes like myself are considered athletes more than what we were back in the day.

We’re recognised to be more of a stronger athlete now, with guys having proper trainers, proper programs to make the most of their body and equipment. It will still continue to grow and people always speak about exposure and putting money back into the sport, which always helps, but it’s going to continue to grow whether people like it or not.

Why are you so keen to get back to America?

Because it’s the pinnacle of the sport. Like anything, once you have a taste of something, like anything – it could be a hamburger – you want to try it again. You want to relive it and be a part of it, so that would be my main reason.

Why do you think you can battle for the SX title this year?

Because, one, it’s something that I love doing, and two, I’ve done it before and know what it feels like. So, yeah…

Why can KTM’s 2013 models be such an improvement?

I don’t know yet, because I haven’t ridden one [laughs]. But, apparently they are really good. I’m excited as everybody else is to jump on one and see how they are – I look forward to it.