Products 1 Jun 2012

Ipone releases Samourai Racing two-stroke oil

Ipone have released their Samourai Racing two-stroke oil, with a unique strawberry scented offering included.

Ficeda sent us the following information on the new Ipone Samourai Racing two-stroke oil:

Ipone Samourai Racing 100 percent Synthetic oil is specially formulated for two-stroke trial, enduro, motocross and race competition engines.

  • Advantages include the following points:
  • Excellent lubricating properties allow reduced oil consumption.
  • Integral dispenser in container for direct measurement of oil percentage.
  • Colours the mix orange to show that lubricant has been added.
  • SAMOURAI RACING is suitable for all competition and everyday uses.

This product is available in one litre for $24.95, or four litres for $59.95.

In addition, Ipone is the only company to offer a range of strawberry scented two-stroke oils, available in one litre for $29.95.